From the diary

the work was hard to find after the institute. My wife, who is still a student, helped me in the search.
After two months of unsuccessful search, his wife found a breath-taking teacher's job in a private institute. I was happy. However, we are taking a job immediately, but after a month of internship, if, as the director said, will suit my qualifications.
During the internship, I lectured for the other, replacing the ill teachers. A couple of weeks after the start of the boss invited me and praised my work, the quality of the analytical study of the material, I was promised a great future.
I inquired about where I live, there are normal conditions for life when invited for coffee.
- "At your convenience"I replied.
Operations was comfortable today, and we went to me. Along the way, the boss picked up a bottle of champagne, brandy, candy, that would not go away empty-handed. My wife was delighted guests gathered in the shop (in the refrigerator was empty, as well as in pockets), but the chief would not let.
We started with champagne, enjoyed the chocolates. Quickly drunk, they began to dance. Dancing, boss laughed and stroked his wife's ass. She blushed and hid her eyes. Music over, sat down at the table. Chef put his wife on their knees, they began to drink cognac brotherhood and kissing.
- "And what are we without snacks", - Said the chief. He gave me a very large bill and sent to the store.
To walk - so to walk. Ordered to spend it all. Buying food took about forty minutes. Arriving home, I discovered that no one at the table. The bedroom door was closed behind her had heard the creak of the bed and moan. Half an hour later there appeared drunk, naked chef. He had a fat body and a good cheerful smile. He told me that we are great, I really liked it and it will insist on the fact that I was transferred to a permanent job.
The word he kept his, gave me a watch. About navedovatsya become to us almost every night. But that is another story. If you want, tell us more ...

Do not remember the dream - 2 (I'll snyus)

I immediately figured in you something vicious. And such a sweet, attractive ...
Even then, when you come to the interview, I realized that you are smart, attentive, diligent ... sort of business-woman, the goddess of the office ... Tie, gray suit with a spark, just above the knee skirt and black stilettos, so wide open blouse to be visible only to her cleavage, no longer ... Perfect make-up, curvy butt, slender legs ... calm self-confidence, a habit to be irresistible ... a bit of cynicism in the corner of the eye drop of contempt in the crook of full lips ...
While in the shower damn ... After watching you a few minutes, I realized what passions rage in you. How do you want to detach you from your secret "daddy." We pull out so that you felt the last whore, ready to do anything.
And I would like, in turn, provide your fall. I understand that you push enough light, and this is correct at work, such inaccessible lie under me as litter ...
Before deciding on the "manufacture" of your full whore, I'm watching you. As head of security, I had access to the camera, about which no one except me knew.
And what I found out?
Oh, you are often in the office was closed, shut off selector and got out of the bottom drawer faloimmitator table! I was shaking with desire, when you come out of the center of the cabinet, cancer rose and rigidly self fucked in porn do not see that! You arches, your beautiful hair flew over his head in time with the movements of his hands. I saw, as disclosed in a silent scream your mouth. You had finished. Poor lustful bitch! I was confident, despite the poor quality of the image that you are inserted himself in the ass ...
The end of the working day. You receive the first message. I am sure that you did not hand over, what is more, you are sure to enjoy what I have prepared for you. I do not hide - a letter for my signature. Well, how, like what I told you? You go to your computer, open your mail. You read my message. Your sensual lips move.
"Come tomorrow without underwear, stockings. Tomorrow at exactly 9:00 lift up her skirt. Prodemonstriruesh as you comply with the order. Answer is not necessary, bitch. ".
You getting through. First you hardens, it seems to me that your lips hurt inflated, and then your hand is accustomed to reaching for the bottom drawer. But here you withdraw the hand - clever ... You know that you can watch for. Well, what did you tomorrow, honey, now available, damn. And after you left I put in your office a good camera to your fall from grace has been fully documented.
I could hardly wait for the next day. How I would like to take you, wet, lord it over you, to feel your submission and availability! Then cherish silk sheets.
And so I turn on the computer. My eyes reported of parts that were not visible in the previous chamber. You go. I admire. I see your little untouched tan skin, your lips ... beckoning hair strands cried out neat hairstyles, fell to the eye, giving your face kind of roguish, mischievous ... graceful, beautiful, like a top model. Dress jersey fits the body of luxury, emphasizing your sexuality. Complements dress jacket bolero ... I want you more than ever ...
9-00. You're obviously nervous, go out in the middle of the spacious room.
9-05. You still do not dare to raise her skirt, pacing around the office - two steps back, two - back.
Finally, you stop and vzdergivaesh skirt belt. Your shapely legs in stockings, panties there. I admire completely shaved pubis, look where rozoveyut sponge. You want to be there you have five fingers, squeezing so that you whined, faithfully looking in the eye and not daring to resist ...
I'm looking at you. Above the waist - a lady of high society, below - a whore from the brothel ...
You decide to turn. I see your ass. Tanned buttocks, only the white bars indicate how small trunks were you when you're sunbathing.
I'm coming to your office, I go. I met the cold, well-groomed bitch. You do not want to show you - that whore that just stood in front of the camera naked from the waist down. I roughly paw you. Do you like it, but you're still trying to fight back, to step back ... But where there ... My hand pulls off a dress from her shoulders. Your breasts are exposed. So nice to be with bare boobs in front of half-familiar man, considering you like items in the window! You want punishment for the attempt at resistance? My stiff fingers grab your nipple. Do you feel, as I wriggle, and then pull down. You have obedient, and humbly kneels before his master. You already techesh, is not it?
I order to kiss the shoe toe, and when did you perform, you look at me. Already I want to get you ripped? Oh no! Not so fast, lustful bitch! ..
Your secretary brings coffee. You're still the same elegant, taking her tray. Do you think she can not guess, you behaved just like the last whore that you are now the fire between her thighs, and only I can let you relieve it?
You again poddergivaet skirt, lower neck and turns into a bitch that has just lust on his mind. You take the tray is lowered in front of me on my knees. Your great tits on a tray - addition to a cup of coffee, sugar and a jug of cream. You shudder of weasel - my hand on your beautiful hair, you know that all the good disposition.
Tray slightly trembling in your graceful hands with perfect manicure. You're not a woman, you bitch, trembling from the frenzied desire dick. And you do not care where his stuff. I am a satisfied nod, but beat a spoon on the nipple - I almost spilled the coffee. You pucker up, but put up, hoping that if you obedient, you quickly tucked.
You watch as I take a milk jug and pour on a tray lying on tits milk. It runs down the narrow droshky hemispheres, skirting the nipples. But you have not to refined caresses - you have dick in any of the holes ... All the same, in what ...
Finally, you are allowed to unbutton his pants. You pounced on standing member, if it is the last in life. Are you happy that you can swallow it so deeply that your hair is in my hand, and he planted with in the throat, deep, deep.
You want more?
I push you to the couch. I take you by the ankles and legs vzdergivayu up high. You rely on the only seat blades, all in anticipation. You crawl, trying to spread on a member, and he was only teasing Regarding your swollen wet sponges.
I shake my head. Remains your upbringing make you mutter: "Oh God, no, not there." However, the hand is pulled to the penis and puts it to the anus. You lunched sponge and introduces glowing count myself in the ass. Thankfully moan and squirm on it, and I fuck you, helpful and submissive, capable to bear such a beating for many hours. Do you feel like I'm coming to you right in the ass. Are you happy, you scream and twitch, so that I could hardly hold you by the ankles.
I release you, and you crawl on the floor, exhausted. Next you fall leather pants with two knobs - one more, another less. Order explicitly states that you have to wear it until the evening - one knob in the pussy, the other - in the ass. You immediately put on leather sbruyku, pulls dress hiding her gorgeous tits. Each movement is given to the sweet sensations in the pussy and ass. Good for you? Let's see, what do you say tonight.
What do you feel when you go this way - with toys in their holes? You shake hands with the staff, you're sitting in a meeting ... And when I see the way you bite your lip, staying alone in his office. Foreign objects in your harness hole you, you want to moan, caress themselves. But you are not allowed to do so ... so you have to endure, but sometimes you crawl in his chair, opening his mouth with a strip of snow-white teeth. How many times have you finished the meeting in front of everyone, trying to suppress a groan tearing, digging his nails into the palm of your hand?
What do you feel when I come to you and told to stand, without the words you climb under her skirt like a cheap whore? I check how to keep your toys. You plaintive moan and filed pubis forward, revealing her knees to plant stronger. Like checking? Do you realize that it is still not getting the full bright orgasm, just a little, and humbly standing, so graceful, so vicious and a little pathetic in her, the last effort to curb, the desire to give here and now.
Dinner. We go together to the dining room. The main stream of employees had already passed, and I stop you on the stairs. Pulls off dress with her breasts, squeezed them. You hit trembling. You thank me for the kindness you meekly moan when I squeeze tightly swollen nipples. You coward desperately that someone would go upstairs and see you, an angel in a woman's appearance, fallen so much that meekly allows himself to squeeze on the stairs.
I wish to increase the level of your Fall and command: "Suck!". Your lips move, you want to argue. I hit you on the cheek. Not much. Just to make you felt the - damn to be obedient and executive.
You bend down quickly, unbutton his pants, and I have quite a moan, feeling your soft lips serve my cock. I take your hair in a fist, but not to guide you. No - you're diligent, gentle and able. I just like to feel the unlimited power over you, diligently suction solid number.
After a few minutes I suspend you. You're disappointed, and at the same time relieved sigh, torn by conflicting desires you.
Cylinder lipstick dancing in your hands. You can not tint the lips, only that the service member. Appetite is not, you can not eat, and I graciously allow you to go back.
A couple of hours I suffer, remembering your beautiful hair in my hand, your lips, sliding on my cock, a delightful feeling of possessing you, power over your desires and thoughts. I can not stand, I want to take you, one `iron fingers in your breasts, tear member of your wet pussy. I look at the screen. You work, you type something on the keyboard. I, in turn, pushes himself to the keyboard.
"You finished?"
"You should not stop without orders. You will be punished. "
"Yes, I understood. As you say. When you come to take me? "
"What to do?"
I see you hesitated, then your fingers quickly rattled on the keys.
"Otebal me like a whore."
"Well, I'll be right back. But first, you will be punished. Take off everything. In addition to the harness. Arise cancer ass to the door. Tits - on the carpet. Wait for me, so I'll come and have a smoke. "
You follow my instructions. You're nervous again - suddenly someone will go without knocking. However, it is almost impossible. In addition, wild unbridled desire does not leave you a choice.
I light a cigarette slowly, admiring you, frozen in the pose of a slave. No, you're not stuck. Do you really want to feel dildos pounded into you. You shudder, sag back, swaying backwards. Your breast crawl on the carpet, you try to hold large nipples on the pile. But you is not enough! Fingers legs outstretched, calves, thighs stretched. I can see how playing muscles under velvety skin ... Oh, how you want to end, it would be desirable to cover the crotch with his hand to move a little tight sitting in your items! But you do not dare. it was not an order. You're a little scared of the coming punishment, do you think, what it will be. But at the same time you understand that to be punished - this is so sweet. Waves of pleasure and frustration rolled by your luxurious body. You suffer, eating a sponge, you're waiting for the owner.
I enter. You're not sure it's me. You shudder and freezes, hopelessly waiting for just anything. But push toe crotch tells you that it is the owner. And you're grateful moan, losing self-control residues from shevelnuvshihsya in you phalluses.
I wring your hands behind your back, and fetter their handcuffs. You offended and a little scared, but did not dare to protest, knowing that by meeting me in the humiliated attitude, protest is pointless and just plain stupid. You are too deeply mired.
Can you hear my order and humbly turn your head, cheek lying on the carpet. You know that I'll be watching your emotions. Shame burns you, and your eyes are closed humbly. Plump lips bitten and even bleeding in two places. What is it? Powerless shame that you can not finish violently, screaming and moaning? Or do you still ashamed of myself, submissive slut, meekly comply with the orders?
I pull the strap from the belt loops, fold it in half, and beat with a sling on the buttocks.
You squealed, eyes widen. From the corner of the eye through a thin nose a tear rolls down and falls to the mat.
You suffocate. You're hurt. But then, right? Good feel whore, humbly waiting for punishment? And if you like this?
I threaten. You quietly whine again lunched sponge and hard zazhmurivaeshsya ...
A? How horrible? You feel another small orgasm. From what? From what I've got on the pussy on your toys have become almost family? Or just the fact that someone could so easily whip your belt?
I bring his hand back. You look at me beseechingly and babbling in a trembling voice:
-Please ... Please ... Do not! I'll do whatever you want! I am your whore! Oh please!
I am adamant. Slave must know that it is allowed only that allows the owner and not a drop more! However, we both know that you'll still finish without my permission, and still will be punished. And you dread it and you will.
I admire you. You're beautiful! My member for a long time closely in the pants. I quickly pull together the clothes, walk around you. On your lips plump appears timid and a little sly smile. You've already guessed that in your mouth right now invade wreathed veins hard cock. I grab you by the hair, leaving the floor. You helpfully open your mouth and thankfully accept me. Oh! You like to dominate me today, you enjoy that power over the slave master, strenuously moving his head, caressing the head crimson tongue and lips. You regret only one thing - that your hands are fettered and can not be of any help enjoyer mouth.
You hear me growl.
I bend my knees, tightly clench your beautiful hair in his fist and start to fuck you in the mouth. You diligently doing sponges ringlet, only occasionally wincing at a particularly deep penetration. You cover your eyes fluffy eyelashes. What for? You do not want to show that you are on the brink of orgasm just from what you fuck in the mouth? Finally, do you feel that I'm out, pull your head back to a crisp in the vertebrae and the finish on your face, on the chest. You thinly moaning, catch happy smile drops lips, lick, your tongue is also covered in semen ... You, too, finished ...
Rapidly breath, I gently stack you on the carpet. Unbuttoning harness and liberate your holes. Oh my God! How many times have you finished in the harness?
You blame lowers her eyes and blushing. You're ashamed that you're such a whore?
I order you to sit down, open the pack of scented wipes, wipe your face, chest, abdomen, and then throw a piece of napkins beside you. You look at me pleadingly, but quickly droops, knowing that their holes will have to clean up before my eyes.
You do everything so gracefully, like a thousand times put things clean between the legs handcuffed behind his back ... hands. What strikes me is the combination of royal grace in his movements and slavish humiliation in fact. Finally, the last napkin in a basket. You defiantly look at me, this slender, graceful. Your chest proudly vypyachena forward, hard swollen nipples boldly look slightly to the side and upwards. I feel for the belt.
Belt whips you in the tits. In your eyes, splashing resentment and unspoken question: "Why?".
I get up and bites into your mouth. By your charms slide my hands, you feel like your buttocks, then his chest, and then re-compress the buttocks iron fingers. How to be turned out nipples as terebyatsya swollen petals. Do you feel that techesh again, comes the desire ... And then you whispers, "Because I love you!". And you're goin 'down happily in front of me on my knees. Your tongue deftly raises still hanging member, and mouth as deftly takes it into itself. When you achieve a full erection, I throw you on the carpet and pile on top. You already do not pay attention to the chained hands and legs invitingly you plant. Do you feel like in your pussy poked glowing head. You are wheezing, your body is shaking with desire, and I slowly enter into the wet tight depth.
I'm in no hurry. I want to show you all their authority over you, show your complete dependence on the host. You all know perfectly well you're playing with my swollen member of the vaginal muscles, you're almost crying, kissing my neck. "Oh please! Well, let me ... Fuck me like a cheap bitch! ".
And I am planting you on the eggs. Can you feel my dick somewhere in the navel area. You fear that you now pierce, but accelerated motion makes you forget everything and plunge into the never-ending orgasm. We move to the couch. I pile you almost in half - the tibia near the head. In your pussy tormented again invades member, causing the sweet, incredibly pleasant pain. You strike under me squirm. Your fingers caress my balls when I sometimes stop the motion from the member, almost completely immersed in your wet cunt.
Do you feel that you can no longer stop, you're begging to stop.
I take off my handcuffs, I lay down on his back, put you back into your stomach. You are asked to enter the penis into the vagina and slowly moving his hips, enjoying a solid member of the sensations inside. You turn your head a little and trash on my his cheek. You almost purrs and plays a satisfied smile on his lips.
"I can not be your slave too often!"
"Good. Tomorrow you will be my princess. We'll go in a luxury restaurant, a romantic dinner ... on you will be an evening dress, and then I'll love you in the silk sheets ... "
"Murrr .... I'll be a princess ... But not in the restaurant and not in evening dress, and in the billiard room, wearing jeans and a tank top ... "
"Okay, but on Friday he is ready again to perform their duties"
"Yes, Master ..."

The teacher of the Russian language

I'll start with the fact that my name is Grigory Parfyonov, I'm from the city Ufy.Uchus in grade 10, but learning is not very good. And I'll tell you about my first sex, which was in January this year.
I once again failed to comply with domestic zadanie.Uchitelnitsa, Elena saw my tetrad.Ona told me to stay after class. The day passed quickly and I did not have a little forgotten about Elena Mikhailovna. Upon entering the office, I saw no one, but suddenly heard a familiar voice from laborantskoy, it was Elena Mihaylovna.Ona closed the door and fastened the curtains and start a conversation
- Well, Parfenov, why not do the homework?
- Well .... eto..eeee
- I see what you are. You want to fix valuation?
- Yes I want it very much!
She got up from his chair and gait from the hip mne.Prisev came up to me, she undid his pants and went through my body shiver, pulling my cock she was surprised his huge size and began to suck, I have such feelings had never had it I began keeping his tongue over my head and I could not hold the pleasure and let the sperm spray directly into her mouth! She even swallowed my liquor!
She got undressed slowly and sexy, laid down on the desk and spread! their feet. I saw her beautiful body. She had a slender figure, with a great ass and breasts third the size. Her pussy was all wet and I do not hesitate shoved her hero in her pussy! A wave of pleasure covered me and I started to make rhythmic movements.
- Fuck, fuck her the teacher as a last whore! Call me whore, bitch, whore! It makes me so excited!
She moaned with pleasure, and when I started stroking her breasts and kissing she moaned even more, which could not excite me. Ebalsya with her for about 10 minutes and I finished right in her pussy.
She took my cock and began licking the remnants of sperm. We got dressed and then she said: "You anybody about our dop.zanyatiyah not say and you fuck me when it will only be possible.
To be continued.....

The sweetness of love-2. Memories -1

The sweetness of love-2. Memories 1.
Xi'an woke up early and looking at the crevice at the top of the cave saw what was outside the cave is just beginning the day and still dark.
For the third day, they live in this cave is infinitely happy and insatiable love.
Xi'an remembered his childhood. When she was 12 years old - she set a goal to marry a wealthy and influential man. But instinct begins to form the female body, she knew that beauty and intelligence - is not the most important thing is to perform scheduled.
Therefore, questioning women and overheard a conversation among men and women, it is concluded that the main thing for her now is to master the arts of seduction and ability to behave in bed.
She chose a long time to turn to for their studies in this art, is not opted for the one already middle-aged woman from a nearby village.
This woman lived alone. Neither the husband nor the children she had not. But talking about her, she enjoyed great success with women in his youth.
And many rich and endowed with authority came to her to have sex with a lonely beauty. And sometimes it took them to Rome, to the highest of all the world, from which she returned with generous gifts.
And even now, when she was 42 years her out of town, and young and older rich.
Her name Lukin.
That came twelve Xian to Lukin. From a distance, she began the conversation by asking about the health and well-being. But the old prostitute was excellent psychologist. And because it was interrupted by any non-binding discussion question:
-Do you want to learn the art, in which I have no equal?
-Yes - blushing, said Xian.
-Well, because you have a father and mother respectable people. And whether they will agree to such a study?
-They are respectable, but poverty compliant - said Sian and boldly looked into the eyes of Luchino.
Looking around again Sian and thinking, Lukin said:
-Well, tomorrow come to me mother. I want to talk to her.
The next day in the morning to Lukin's mother came to Xi'an - Valley.
Lukin met valley with great honors and expensive gifts.
Born into a poor family and lived always on the verge of poverty, this valley was surprised generosity. But Lukin knew their job. She sat valley of rich table with all sorts of goodies. She poured her wine and myself. Drank. And during the absorption of food led to her purely feminine conversations.
They sat for a long time without going to the main. And when it began to get dark, and the valley began to gather home Lukin asked the valley:
-You see how I live. Richly and without giving yourself what - ever. And so accept from me, and it - and with these words, she reached the valley of women's jewelry made of pure gold.
-Why do you so richly bestow - surprised valley.
-I'll tell you honestly. I want your daughter Sian lived with me. And I will try to make her life happy and rich.
-But your lifestyle unjust. And I do not want my daughter behaved Now, there are these words of the valley wanted to return the gold jewelry and gifts. But Lukin stopped her:
-No, I promise to go under it anybody will not. But, knowing the Art, which I teach her, she turned the heads of the powers and successfully marry.
The valley was silent, not knowing whether to believe her Lukin.
-I was not his mother. And he rose to riches passed a long way of humiliation. And your daughter this way will not take place. I have a love, and I quickly I will bring Xian with the highest nobility. And I will now consider her my daughter.
Valley after a pause, looking into the eyes Lukin, who also stared at her without taking his eyes, said:
-Your eyes do not lie. Have it your way. Looks Xi'an itself has chosen this road. After this, she called me to you.
-Yes - it is with her full consent.
The women parted. And in the morning I came to Xi'an Lukin.
And began the long days of study. How to walk, how to hold a posture like to eat, how to dress, and more much needed seductress, comprehend in grueling sessions during the first three months.
And when Lukin passed and made sure the three months that Xian has learned his first lessons on the fine, she said:
-Now Xi'an I will introduce you to the most important science - the science of love. Now you start to learn the key lessons of seduction of men. And if you master them, the thousands of men are willing to give their lives for the night with you.
With these words, she asked Xian undress. And when she undressed quickly, Lukin made the remark:
-The seduction of the man the ability to take off clothes plays a big role. And so you need to take off her clothes so that before you stay naked, he had lost his mind, but was subordinated to your will.
More Xian three months comprehended the lessons of behavior in bed. She suffered Art kiss, lots of love and poses the ability to reduce muscle of female flesh and popochki.
And still more attached to it.
Classes are held from darkness to darkness.
After six months after arrival in Xi'an house Lukin Lukin spent the exam, and satisfied with the results of their work, he said:
-You're extremely capable people in our arts. And comprehended everything that I wanted to convey to you. But know that these exercises to maintain the body in good condition should be daily. You should always be graceful, beautiful and ready to meet the man with whom you are going to start an affair.
And in the morning she left Xi'an at home while she went to Rome.
Having met in Rome with his good friends, she questioned them about the rich, young and free from marital relations men.
She suggested a few men, but especially asked to pay attention to one of them.
His name Diamus. About him say that he had received an inheritance, and at times it multiplied. Cause it went well. And no doubt that with time it will become the richest man in Rome.
Diamus was serious. Constantly working tirelessly. With girls and women saw him rarely.
But this man was needed Lukin.
The next day, the morning after questioning Lukin their friends to come Diamusu his old friend and after business negotiations said:
-Diamus, you want to meet and talk to a woman. They call it Lukin. Because of your chaste lifestyle you it will not work. But I want to tell you that this woman leg opens the door to many influential people. And until now, despite her young age not many men would lay her on the bed of love. The fame of her love of art has long crossed the boundaries of our empire. And if you have the consistency, in the evening it will come to you and just talk to you. She has a question for you.
-I agree - Diamus said - the evening after the daily worries, I'll be waiting for her at the table for a chat.
In the evening, when Diamus sat down at the table, he was told that a woman came to him. Realizing that this Lukin, he asked to bring it to the table. And eagerly waited for the woman of whom he knew nothing, but according to a friend, she had power over many men.
At that time Diamusu was 32 years old. He was handsome and rather slender for his age.
Entered Lukin. Naturally dressed in very light clothing, which was visible through her magnificent breasts and beautiful, slim legs.
A person is not on fresh data. Wrinkles have not touched her or she cleverly hid them, using Roman perfume. Hair jet black. Plump, sensual lips. And green beautiful eyes, gazing now Diamusa, caused him incomprehensible pleasant languor in his body.
-Hello dear Diamus. My name Lukin. And I came to enjoy it is clear from your desktop. You can not refuse me in this - And Diamusa stared green eyes that seem to penetrate into the depths of his soul and roiled his ... heart.
-Hello dear Lukin, I'm glad to meet you and will be happy to spend the evening with you - Diamus said, feeling as if these words are not, he says, and someone else temporarily take his body.
He personally poured her wine, and currently in the wine cups and ordered forced to leave the chambers, and without an order not to appear.
After drinking wine with Lukin to the bottom, which he never did, they began to have great food cooked to Diamusa.
He asked her where she was and still many questions were asked on duty to them, but the answers he had not heard her, because sitting around him, she deftly swings open as if by chance his clothes so that he could look at her legs. That seemed Diamusu ideal. The girls would envy feet Lukin.
And when they drank a second cup. Rather Diamus knocked to the bottom of the second cup, and only prigublyala Lukin Lukin opened the clothes so that was visible of her female flesh - her bosom of love.
Diamus felt a fortress in his penis and already can not cope with them went to to Lukin, took her in his arms and carried her to the Persian carpets, the two layers lying on the floor. A bearing he kissed her on the lips, causing his penis has acquired the dimensions given by nature and force to break any barrier.
He laid it on the carpet, and he began to take off his clothes frantically. A Lukin easily slipped off her and lay bare all in anticipation of the entrance to her interesting items.
Stripped to the goal, Diamus lay near Luchino feet and kissed them. His hands caressed her ass and stroking his bosom.
Going up from the legs to the heart, he parted her legs wider and pressed his lips to her top. Greedily kissing her pleasure in the source and sticking his tongue out, he opened his arms wide and her pussy became tongue licking already accumulated from the fluid drive.
-Oh, oh, oh - early sighs Lukin stroking his cheeks and neck. And when she was ready to scream hysterically from the imminent explosion of her flesh, Diamus cleverly got up and introduced into it a cudgel to explode in a frenzy and moved in pussy a member, and his hands on his chest drove. They exploded with thunder orgasm simultaneously.
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah - the cry of the two, reaching the highest point of bliss came a thunder in the chambers Diamusa and was heard far beyond the home.
-Oo-oo-oo-oo-f - Lukin shouted, lifting his feet higher, pulling Diamusa the buttocks and working it in tact.
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah - wild animal Diamus shouted with a powerful call at Lukin and pouring its rapid flow of sperm.
For ten minutes they came and went at each other, and the bay it again liquid love Diamus lay down on the carpet for a relaxing break.
A Lukin lay beside him with his legs on his foot and began to gently kiss his lips. The smell emanating from Lukin was so beautiful that Diamus breathe more often, to breathe it Pobol.
Lukin passed from lip to the neck newfound lover, who became affectionately obtselovyvat. Then she began to kiss his shoulders, and then went down to kiss the nipples Diamusu became gently tip of his tongue to lick the nipple. gentle waves of bliss began to fill Diamusa. His body began to take effect.
Caressing tongue nipples, Lukin lowered one hand to the penis and began to caress it with his gentle, truly feminine hands. Member replied filling force.
Lukin kisses the body began to descend lower, closer to raising the trunk. Diamus quickened breathing.
A Lukin, zaglotnuv full member into his mouth and face full of happiness on the contents in her mouth started moving member inside swallowing deeply and let it out of his mouth. Movement its first leisurely frequent with the strengthening of the fortress Diamusa dick.
And when it became equal in the strength of the stone, it is the participation of his movement to the incredible frequency. She has worked and felt a flurry of madness covers Diamusa. And the leopard cry burst from his mouth Diamusa, and he filled his mouth Lukin seed. Diamus struggled in convulsions and Luchino swallowed all the sperm, continued strength test Diamusa member sucking the top of the head dick. She did it cleverly, and not having to move away from just surging orgasm Diamus was again alert and again wanted to Lukin. Slightly limp, a member of his returned to the fortress, destroying all obstacles.
Lukin got up and sat on his flesh thirsty destroyer. Vigorously moving by a pussy on the cock, his hands caressed her breasts Diamusa, and he fondled her breasts. After three minutes of these movements, they came to your goal time. And once again their sonorous voice blew the silence of the old house still have not heard the voice of love so loud.
When they calmed down Lukin lay down beside Diamusom, who said:
-I learned about you this morning, but now in the gathering darkness you own me and my body. I this never experienced in my life. How did you manage that?
-Cute Diamus - Lukin said - we have to you there is still night. And you as an intelligent man should not clog your mind with unnecessary thoughts. Especially because you have not tried my corona place.
-Pour us wine in the cups and bring in our own bed. And a little rest, I'll tell you a secret - she told him playfully.
From interest to learn new fatigue in Diamusa went into nebyt. He's like a young man jumped to his feet and pouring wine into cups gave his beloved cup. And their drink instantly without a trace.
-What is the crowning place, he asked Lukin.
Lukin, sipping wine and pulling pleasure, said:
-Day follows night, rain replaces the clear weather and the bosom forward replaces bosom back.
With these words, she put down the cup aside, and moving closer to the seated Diamusu, sat naked popochkoy his fallen member and began to rub in a circular motion, and hands pulling his head Diamusa kissed his lips with all the force of passion, gripped her again. At the same time it has become a member to fill the power as from kissing and from motion popochkoy Lukin.
Response kissing Lukin, Diamus plucked primal force and his cock was hit by a stone. A feeling that power Diamus burst by a dick in the ass Lukin and began with great force to fuck her, as if to break it into pieces. But nothing was sweeter for Lukin than a member that walks into her ass. A Diamus skewer and skewer it, Lukin is not shivering and arching like a panther loudly cried out even more excited than Diamusa that after her orgasm violently pulled the female ass on his trunk. And it seemed to knock on her ass moved to knock on his head and after a minute or two inhuman shriek blew up the whole house. Doors barely withstood the impact of the sound wave of huge power. And Diamus, izlivshis, without stopping, continued to hammer away at this happy hole.
And another twenty minutes he could not get out of your ass Lukin dick, and finished during this time twice in the third he fell to the carpet, and next to him fell the beat Concha Lukin. And a happy smile and a blush on this maiden will not face talking about the highest happiness, to visit her.
They lay in each other's arms on the drenched semen and female secretions carpet, and a pleasant smell to them at this moment does not exist.
Not knowing the happiness of women previously Diamus and conquer the heart of any one man Lukin kissed each other on the lips as a sign of gratitude for these magical moments. Then they fell asleep and slept until morning.
Waking up in the night they repeated the little lesson, and agreed to meet in the evening, Lukin got dressed and left.
For a week at night I kept Lukin Diamusa happy moments in orgasm.
This week it revealed so much new to Diamusom that he flew in the clouds of happiness.
Every morning he bestowed Lukin rich gifts and gold.
A week after the eighth night after the pleasures, Lukin told him the following:
-I know that you like me, and you would not want to leave with me. But I'm a clever woman, and I know that soon will begin to grow old with great speed. So I want you to remember I was in happiness and in this form.
-But I do not want to part with you ... and I do not care about your age and your retirement. With no one I was not like I'm so happy with you. Stay.
-No, I will not stay, and you listen to me. I will replace myself his student, who learned the art of love. She is very capable. The fact that others learn for three years, she has mastered the six months. I want you to take her under his wing. Give presents with gold and gifts her family. She is still a virgin. And the first man it will be you.
-I do not know what to say. Let me think about it until the morning. - Diamus said Lukin.
With that they went to sleep on the eighth night. The next morning he gave his consent. Although it was very difficult to part with Lukin.
And when she left him with expensive gifts, the men's tears flowed down his cheeks flow Diamusa and did not stop.
All this was told Lukin Xian. And this story is she now remembered lying with Riesz.
A rest and we my dear readers. Vote, and I will be clear if I write more.
And you want to write, then write [email protected]
And I'm happy to answer all of your letters.
Your Zuzu.

Private sex club

End avgusta.My live near the place of love, leisure and children's schastya.Sovsem not far from our house is a park with many trees, with attractions for children, an artificial lake, cafes on one side and a small forest, riddled with a bunch of malls drugoy.Allei were quite broad, it is very convenient for progulok.Vdol alleys were many stalls, which constantly had many lovers, and with the onset of darkness in these benches, many enthusiastically echoed sex.
Around the park, like everywhere else, was equipped with a treadmill, about five kilometrov..Prohodila it all the distant corners in the park, but it was paved and very convenient for fans pobegat.Da and walk around the park, too, was willing to nemalo.My could not use such comfortable neighborhood and every night my mother went running around parka.Otets not support our aspirations and lay at home on divane.Ona ran one lap, and I was two, sometimes when ohotku-tri.Pervy circle I had for my mother, so that she does not bylo.Nu bored and on the second I trained myself not wishing to complete programme.Begali we evening, when the summer heat subsided a little, and that at once come home, rinse in the shower, and my mother in bed to his father, and in the morning on rabotu.Nu and me after the second round, too, rinse and straight from the tin depending on the circumstances.
And today, at about 21.30, my mother and I went to the park, as usual pobegat.Mama was wearing a blue T-shirt with short cuffs, from under which acted boldly mother's breasts third dimension, though she always wore byustgalter.Korotenkie shorts that covered only her lush ass, enticing obtyagivaya it, and completely betraying her trusiki.Na feet were white socks krossovkah.Da in women and in general it I had a very beautiful zhenschinoy.Vse stare at her with delight, especially when she ran with mnoy.A I'm in my 14 years was very happy when she is with me running around in his sports naryade.Bylo 38 s no accident she had blond hair, neatly arranged under kare.Priyatnoe, very charming person with delightful eyes, luscious lips and a lot of fine lines from frequent smiles that often my mother gave vsem.Slegka nalivsheesya the years juiciness body with sweet breasts third razmera.E tummy was just on a daily zaglyadene.Spasibo probezhkam.Ne well certainly not flat and hard, and seductive, very correctly folded appetizing zhivotik.Ochen feminine, delicate taliya.I all this passed in a magnificent ass, always tantalizing fills my mother's dresses, skirts, pants, suits and full hips naryady.Nemnogo dryabinkoy.I with small, hard, strong legs, very juicy result jogging.
Today, we as usual came to the park and small jogging ran along the asphalt dorozhke.Hot was still night and the park was perepolnen.No track was pustynna.I my mother ran a massive part of the park with delight ran through the deserted part of getting pleasure from the natural environment and by sporta.Vdali seemed sobaka.Blin, damn sobachatniki again strolling along the running dogs, and why they can not understand that the park in order to walk people, not sobaki.No ran closer, we saw that there is not one, and 5-7 dogs, and not poodles, and powerful, and healthy dogs and sheep dogs to run and play between soboy.Ne podalku were 4 guys and a girl, its owners pitomtsev.My mom moved a step, so as not to provoke the dog to the invasion of their personal space, they always did unceremoniously, sniffing or oblaevaya you without your consent or trying to play with you, or god forbid, attacking.
-Dogs keep their coming-sobachatnikam cried my mother.
-What you need, all the trained and educated, indignant said one of them.
-Well, see, my mother said, and we walked quietly passing by playing together sobak.Vdrug one dog, a German shepherd, ran to my mother and sniffed her ass outside.
-Ai-mom screamed, turned to sobachatnikam and looking at them, start them firmly with utter mockery:
-What is this harassment? Or that I allowed someone to her to approach? And the dog, blame, yes, like, young, stupid, play, and I'm such a bitch does not give herself to him obnyuhat.Da?! You are dangerous to society and generally go from here, here people relax, not stupid sobaki.-prorugalas them mom.
-Stupid dog-speak evil repeated one man thirty years.
-White, faithful to take them, he calmly gave orders to the two German Shepherds pointing at us.
To me immediately flew bared his German shepherd barking and pressed me against a tree not giving me a stir at the slightest rustle of my baring all his teeth and evil rycha.Mama left standing on the track as there was too afraid to stir in the thrall of the second came to sobaki.Muzhik her and slapped her juicy poschchinu.Ona tried to pull, but the dog immediately ran to her again forcing zameret.Menya stretched on a tree trunk to keep other dogs ran sobaka.Ostalnye but nothing had happened.
-So what? Now, to understand how they behave when they told her opasny.-man.
-And now I'll show you how smart they are, said he again slapped her a slap and tore off her shirt, having come from behind and took off her livchik quietly revealing and appraising hesitated behind her mother's chest and patting her nipples in his fingers with mockery he said:
-Well, relaxed baby? Relax like you.
Mom could not do nothing, because the slightest movement of her dog reacted instantly pouncing on her with a fierce growl and bark.
-0tpustite us-she demanded quietly.
-And I'm not your master, and White, or you have not noticed, who keeps you, but if you let it go on all four sides.
-Tell him, my mother said.
-Not a.Ty he liked what he smelled you wonder why I have to make him happy? S the man pulled off down the mother's shorts with trusami.Mama tried to pull, but then changed her mind after hearing evil rychanie.I resigned standing with lowered to the ground shortami.Muzhik unceremoniously went to her front, took her by the hair, lifted her head and the other arm running between her nog.Mama sharply napryaglas.No man without noticing it confidently manage for a while there with his hand, and came to the White gave him sniff his hand, the former only that in my mother's perineum, smelling her pussy.
-On korachki., he ordered my mother.
And that she had no doubt took her by the hair and put it on korachki, tearing down her shorts and throwing them away, leaving her alone in krasovkah standing in front of the White dog.
He took the White dragged to her pussy and poked her nosom.Bely leisurely began to lick her mother's pussy.
-Oh God please, begged my mother trying to remove the dog from his crotch.
But White seemed to know what to do
He easily jumped on her front paws hugging her mother's waist and began to poke
depicting sexual act, yet it is a member of the acquired his martial status.
Wailing mother tried to pull away, but White clearly growl once stole her thoughts nepovinovenii.I mother subsided.
-Do not let you white, you'll now his bitch-grinning man said, stepping up and giving risen 20cm in all their canine member finally where nado.I White podtyanuvshis to my mother's ass unceremoniously threw her his penis under koren.Mama still think that on them just mock and ridicule was broken just once from such an unexpected invasion.
-A-ah! -vskriknula It first with surprise and pain
-Oh, God, oh, aaaaa, oh, aaaaaaaaa-nemogla she resist when White began accelerating in a fever to peck her tender body and true feminine essence with the horrific skorostyu.Ona deeply and quickly breathed, slowly moaning and crying out from such a confident and furious unceremonious swotting in the very depths of her kiski.Ona then exploded, then subside, gathering strength completely subordinated to the dog and give him beautifully as a true, real female who took her proudly surrendered male in spite of everything and everyone! After 5-7 minutes White slowed the pace and really got on my mother, and then he turned around and ... they were stuck together zadami.Vse spellbound looking at nih.A man in general, all shot on video.
-Well, as your lover is not stupid? -podoydya To my mother standing slibshiysya backsides with the dog asked muzhik.Ps after 5 minutes tack from her and ran chlen.Iz licking his mother's legs began to flow his sperm.
-So in short before the public you're working class, to work in my private sex clubs, is of interest not disappear for you, or I this video presented to all who you know and not know, not to mention her husband, her son, take my audience does not tolerate hypocrisy, I'll show incest, $ 500 a night and you emu.Zavtra you waiting for here at this location, and he threw a mom vizitku.I they all left taking with them sobak.Ya finally tack and moving from tree stretching zatkshie myshtsy.Mama wearily rose, gathered up his things and got dressed and we went home.
The next day, my mother came vecherom.My to the address, telling her father that her mother seriously ill friend, and that it is necessary to sit vecherami.Nas already zhdali.Nas forced to wash in the shower and nice odeli.Mamu very bright nakrasili on her naked body dressed sexy panties, stockings with suspenders short, brilliant, enchanting dress with frank cutouts, made her beautiful prichsku.Nam explained that very nice sex must be dealt with on the carpet of the club, to give pleasure respected zritelyam.Nam previously indicated, the club and how other aktry.Vyglyadelo like this: Very nice room, in the most expensive places in the world in the center of which was a round arena, about 5-7m in diameter, with a beautiful red-coated kovrom.Vokrug arena were many bed with tables from which could only see the arena well, not as a neighbor lozhe.Posetiteli club were all vip guests and paid big money for living porn predstavlenie.Vot and we explained a short script and made us a little brandy, for inspiration, which however, after previous appearances of actors we had so izbytke.I to us after your ad beautiful entered the arena.
Then my mom kissing and caressing the long section and made me a blowjob, then undressed herself in a striptease and I licked her pussy fucked her in different poses in the pussy and finished it in rot.Hot we were not leaders of incest vechera.No we presented at the full program. We came home late, but with a $ 1,000 .In the next time we had a new program. So that the viewer does not miss us every time is added to the script for something new, the small, we wanted to obviously earn as much as possible, we are gradually dropping lower and lower, forcing to do more and more perverted veschi.Tak example:
the second time I fucked my mom hard in the ass, from the heart otdolbiv it in his mouth, for the third time with us was a girl, and she and her mother have brought each other into a frenzy fondling each other pussies, and I have them at the same time turns fucked in the fourth time with me mom fucked three more men, its semen Bay
For the fifth time we were slaves Mrs and Mr, napoluchala shock whips telu.v for the sixth time we have with the guy fucked mother objects, ripping her holes with his hands and three-dimensional objects, and finally again in the seventh she fucked with the dog, until I gave her in the mouth .Vs this time we otmazyvatsya his father as mogli.Mame lucky that I was always with her, or her father clearly nesdobrovat from ottsa.Dengi we put in bank.Zapis mother's fucking with us, too, gave the White.
My mother is now with pleasure ran through the park, looking, whether there are familiar dogs, and when they were, begging and laughing White took away and left him out of the trees.


I would like to tell you a story preinteresneyshuyu, but I want to warn in advance that the real names and the duration, I allowed myself to change, in order to escape from you not the main thing. I would like to share with you this story, because I think that no one except you will not be able to really penetrate it.
So, as they say "it was evening" and do, paradoxically, there was nothing.
Dull and painfully bored training routine, as always begins and ends at the university. Lisa was preparing for the filing of the next project, loaded it a great lot of work remained in the audience a little longer than usual. But pencil fell from her hands, all rkshilos and irritated. "All that's enough for today bullying is, after all, if I do not file anything krimenalnogo project on galactic equation does not happen =)" - She reassured herself that thought and lightweight with a lazy smile on the last call in zhkrnale call number. A minute later it was replaced by lethargy happy face and sparkling eyes, cheerful. I loved too domuchil themselves and want to relax. - "Come here, there was no one to help me drag the folder with plansheetom." - Tired, but still alive piglets Lisa
"Ok, I will in a minute"
However, minutes dragged on and sitting in solitude Lisa accidentally noticed cobbled together by someone from "osobotvorcheskih students" clay dildo. This phenomenon seemed to her a little bit childish and funny, but it prompted her to all sorts of fantasies. Just looking at these things involuntarily have thoughts of a sexual nature (of course, not philosophical) The first thing she imagined was a member of her young man Andrew, for some reason, she saw him right before your eyes, bud right now it is not in school, and the house is kneeling in front of his dignity and is going to do something ...
But here in the doorway of her imagination breaks coming up Andrew. Lisa shivered a little as she thought that he could hear the quietly entered her mind) In the body walked chill as well, and whenever she met him. He kissed her, the truth is very formal, as it usually happens in the first few seconds of the meeting, the general his condition was obvious that he was tired. However, Lisa's head was still spinning the dirty little thoughts and a kiss it can not accept, but she gave no sign. Began to collect things, putting the tablet in a folder she modestly bent, that from under the skirt was slightly visible strip of white panties, she had put the tablet, and fast-paced action and have not been observed, Lisa sensitively pouted and turned without changing the position. "Help me raise Che Russell."
He stood up and wanted to help, when suddenly Lisa made a slight movement of the thigh and held it on his crotch. Minute froze in silence. Here Andrew apparently changed his mind podnimamat gravity of his hand miraculously appeared in two halves. Lisa smiled contentedly to himself. He stroked her buttocks, then gently drawing them by hand, then roughly squeezing them. Then two fingers firmly slid a slice of pink in order to push back the sodden white stripes. Sponges throbbed with excitement, a very enticing look at Andrew. He slid a finger between and held until the beads, Lisa started, and out of her wonderful rotika burst quiet but melodic moan. Andrew took his hand: "Okay, Lisa, we are now engaged in nonsense, bring himself up to take you home, we end up at the university". Lisa is very hurt, no she was not offended, just that she was at the peak of desire and wanted to help her cope with it, or at least not so pleasant teased her touch. Andrew understood everything he was ready to take her right there, but he appeared more convenient plan, which he deliberately did not share.
They got into the car, Lisa was smam not own, a little taken aback, his voice trembled, but she was quite calm. They went. Lisa looked out the window seeing the lights of lanterns, sad, because silly not understand anything. Andrew, seeing what was going on with Lisa wanted to tell her about his plans, but found it too boring and bonalno. Then he got the idea as razvesilit Woman.
"Honey, get me please pack of cigarettes from the back seat, I threw them in your folder, when we left, I want to smoke"
Grunted Lisa got her knees on his seat and reached for a pack, there appeared about the exact same picture as in the audience, only this time the director of the film was Andrew, as well as the last time he ran a finger between the jaw and back on the seat landed already Lisa is quite different
"Stop the car"
"What for?"
"Stop. You know why, do not mock me, if you do not stop the car, I'm on the move You raped!"
Andrew parked in plizhayshem yard cut down the engine and turned to Lisa with the words
"Well, baby, absolutely can not tolerate? My poor, Zai ... Well, get me kolenochki, my good"
Lisa obeyed without hesitation. When she was in his lap, he smiled at her, kissed her on the lips and began to carefully unbutton buttons of, the girl could not bear how he did it slowly, but she was suffering. Expanding jacket, he saw how hard breathing his favorite, but the service in the form of removing the bra she did not has, he kissed and stroked what was dostuano, it is strongly excited, so she made attempts to discreetly rub her charms on his hardened member. Andrew pulled her bra down and began to tease the broken kisses Lisa in her nipples, she broke down and let out a moan as he took the nipples completely fingers and began to encourage, then she just could not hold back more.
Andrew felt that he could no longer hold the male rock and turned to face Lisa steering wheel, so that she could hold on to it. Takes off her panties was not comfortable, so I had to break them. There it was hot and humid, it was 200% ready. No less was ready and friend Andrew, he freed him from under the clothes and leaned his head to the soft juicy pink skin twitched a few times and drowned in the depths of her body. Lisa was delighted, and the second movement she made herself nasazhivayas on his cock as deep as possible to make sure that this happens in reality and not a dream. But the situation turned out to be extremely user friendly and they agreed to climb into the back seat.
There Lisa crawled on his knees, which was very handy, because tolerate Andrew no longer could, caught up, climbed up on her from behind and abruptly plunged so deeply that Lisa cried out in pain, but this cry there and then abruptly changed vozglosami udovolsvie, Andrew wildly like satisfy his animal passion that he was moving very fast and rough, though not pulling the hole Lisa and all her entirely than brought the girl to the unbearable orgasm seemed to have heard her screams all the neighboring houses. All successfully completed that Andrei pulled out of her instrument, grabbed by the hair and brought his head to the swollen, but a solid head and finished it right in the mouth, and then let go girl appreciatively slide your finger on her lips and teeth, kissed, smiled and went to smoke .
....To be continued!

New Appointment

New Appointment
(Continuation of the "Moscow of pleasure" and "Fair Play")
Sasha And we do more to himself was not invited. And then he also moved much - that, in short, we had lost sight of each other. The puzzle over too many questions, we decided Alenka enjoy life and our new sexual relationship. We decided not to seek another special man, and if you are lucky to meet, then do not deny yourself the pleasure and him.
Impressions from the meeting with Sasha in Alenkin Birthday been good so much so that his wife could not not share them with your best friend Svetlana. And that, under any pretext asked for soon to visit us. She came with her lover Sergei. My wife and I set the table in the kitchen for the arrival of guests, the guys brought a drink. We quickly overturned by a pile of cold vodka and conversation flowed very naturally. It soon moved to Svetku exciting subject - group sex. Not so easy when Sergei was talking about our zksperemente because Alenka we saw it only the second time in his life. But vodka has done its job, and we reminisce. Suddenly I caught sight of Sergey open on my wife. It was a sweet view of the hungry man to a pretty woman, and inaccessible. In his eyes, it was an irresistible desire to try a female newcomer.
Here he Excitement! Long live his Majesty the excitement! Alenka embarrassed, trying not to meet with Sergey eyes and looked at me then that his girlfriend, who had not noticed the tension that hung in the air. I grew in my chest, which then murmur. I was happy that my half still like other men. I was pleased and proud of it. Word for word, was over a second bottle of vodka and wine. And time after midnight. Guys zasobiralis leave. In parting, we kissed. Sergey Kiss Alenka somewhat delayed, and Svetlana napuscheno jealously pulled his arm toward the door. They thanked us for our hospitality and promised to phone soon, gone.
Get organized in the kitchen, we went to bed, because to work to get up very early. But there was something I could not sleep. Alenka also tossed from side to side and could not sleep.
- You do not sleep - I asked in a whisper.
- No - she replied
- Did you notice the way he looked at you? Probably obkonchalsya whole.
- Yah you. And nothing that was not just watched as the men usually look and all - said Alenka
- Uh no. ... I think he'll call you. And how do you do it, like it?
- How to say to you? But do not be angry, okay? Sasha, in my opinion, was more interesting.
All - taki something stung me in its answer and I said, "Okay, enough talk. Sleep time to "turn away from his wife and quickly fell asleep.
After the meeting, it passed two weeks. One day before the rest day, on Friday, late in the evening, my wife and I looked kakoy- the movie on TV. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I went to open it. What was my surprise when I saw on the threshold of Sergei. He was all covered with snow, with crimson cheeks and how the bundle in her arms.
- Hello! I've walked past your house, terribly cold and decided to look to you
at the light - warm up a bit. Do not banish? And this is to stolu- - and handed me a bundle
- Come on! - I answered him with a smile firmly shaking hands and offering gesture enter.
- The hostess, greets guests! - I called the room
- Oh, Sergei ?! - Surprised and happily exclaimed Alenka went out into the corridor.
She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. Sergey modestly kissed, gently pushed her away, saying, "Wait, I at least wanted a coat and then covered in snow and cold", quickly hung his coat on a hanger and gently hugged landlady.
- As if the familiar one hundred years - it flashed through my mind - I wonder if they could have seen and after our meeting, but I do not know about. No, it can not be. Alenka be told.
We immediately went to the kitchen. I put the kettle on, Alyonushka quickly found than to treat nocturnal visitor. The convolution was a bottle of vodka and a bottle of good cognac "Metakhim". Drunk on ryumashki almost immediately for another and warmth spread through his veins corporal. Sergei immediately flushed from the cold and is alive again. Alenka sip drank cognac. Guest pounced on the food, and we are continuing to look at him in surprise, wondering what really brought him to us at this late hour? The conversation somehow turned itself on sexual themes and the men realized that their views are the same. What is the role of women in the main love games. That is, all only on request of the woman should happen and never with violence. If a woman accepts a variety of sex, and a variety, it is permissible. If not, then - no. We rasfilosovstvovalis guest on this subject, and Alenka silently listened to us without ceasing to laugh at our reasoning, only occasionally inserted into the conversation of one or two words.
Time inexorably nearing midnight. Outside, the storm howled and the December frost was intense. The bar has dropped over -25 degrees. Sergei looked at his watch, and Steels going away.
- Can we spend the night? And then, as you get to the house, because it is too late? -predlozhila Alain - plenty of space, do not hesitate ...
- If it's convenient, and you do not mind, perhaps ... - I replied the guest.
- Well, that's great. I'm vidachek charged, we have something - what's new - I said, and went into the room to prepare the video and Alain took up the dishes.
Guests we did not expect and, therefore, the bed was already spread out. I just spread a blanket and pillow knocked lightly. And it's not the same to fill it at night looking ?!
After going through hundreds of tapes in our vidioteke and prepared to "auditorium", I went to the kitchen for the children.
Just I opened the door and stopped dead in his tracks. Alenka stood in front of Sergei on widely spaced legs, and looking into his eyes, pawing his hair, and he was sitting in his chair, one hand touching a thin cloth coat her ass, obviously trying to push a narrow strip of thong to one side and your fingers reach the still unexplored their slits. His other hand expertly caressed the beautiful breasts of a young woman, pulling her out of the bra through the unbuttoned neckline gown. From time to time he stroked hemisphere gentle fingers, took the nipple into his mouth and sucking it, biting it lightly, teasing them with his tongue, looking straight into the eyes of the mistress of the house and watching her reaction. Omitted Alenkina eyelashes fluttered languidly, and from bare chest muffled moans escaped. Sometimes he selflessly sucked her large brown nipples, trying to take them into his mouth both. She, from the flood of sensations, nipples petting tongue of another man, shameless game of his hands on my body, and the piquancy of the situation, when at any moment may come her husband, sometimes the legs gave way, and he had to support her buttocks and breasts. And it is at this time strongly pressed in a strong kiss on his lips. It seemed to me that his wife was not simply crouches on his hand, as it were strung on something. Apparently, Sergey, at which point it turned to get a finger in her womb, and he slowly Alenushka potrahival.
I wonder how it would have ended up if I had not come for half an hour?
They did not immediately noticed my presence and I could some time to observe what is happening
Alenka suddenly turned around and saw me, and pulled away from Sergei in one motion and hiding the chest odernuv robe. He had tried to hold her, but he saw me, too, and did not do, but only removed his hands and lowered his flushed face to the floor.
- Well? We go into the room? You produced the film - severely embarrassed bombarded me with questions from several huddling breath and crimson face Alenka.
- And not only ... I have for a long time everything is ready - with a smile, I said, look showed them to his standing member of the stake and totally not going to a scene of jealousy.
- Then let's go - he said his wife, gently patting me on the tubercle ... his pants and
all laughed. Tension has been removed.
Sergei and I sat on the sofa exploded with his back to the carpet on the wall, and he apologized for his arrogance, and then with genuine admiration, began to admire my wife, her breasts, her hips. Alenka ran to the bathroom to freshen up, and soon joined us. Settled down on the bed so we that Alenka was closely clamped male bodies. It was an easy, short robe with a deep neckline, through which I have always loved to look at her amazing breasts and, of course, it was without underwear. We have incorporated Vidic and extinguished the light. All were brought to the limit.
The film was beautiful. In its 18-year-old girl he went in search of adventure. She was liberated. And sexual adventures happened to her at each change of the place of her stay. The film is very beautiful. Beautiful tanned body, sea, nature and sex could not give us a chance to watch it until the end.
Shortly after the start of the film, I caught the quivering breath wife and corner of his eye he saw her eyelashes trembling, and Sergey again Alenka develops chest gently stroking her and tickling the insurgent through robe nipple. guest's hand moving slowly from the chest to the knee stopped at the edge of his robe as if waiting for permission to touch the body underneath. I turned my head and looked at his wife, showing that see everything. Alenka smiled and how - is either asking for, whether with expectation and prayer, looked at me askance, not even trying to remove his hand. In response, I exposed the other breast and began to fondle her under the eyes of Sergei. A shiver went through her body. Alenka very erotic gasped, closed her eyes and grabbed my arm. She swam ... She wanted a man physically. I have always been pleased with this state of his wife. So I just put her hand on his shorts, and she immediately grabbed my rebellious member. Sergei realized that this all obstacles cleared, began to caress his leg Alyonushka, running his hand under her robe and, by reaching, he pressed his finger on the button of her swollen clitoris. "Sssssss" - she sucked in her breath.
Wife pussy was completely wet. It flowed like a real bitch. And it was great!
Alain languidly moaned.
This gave us the signal to start the action. Sergei and I jumped off the couch and quickly undressed, dropped their clothes on the floor. Then he carefully lifted the woman's waist and pulled up on the edge of the couch, and I took up the release of his wife from interfering over the robe. She surging ecstasy, wagging her hips, what drove our excitement to the limit. Alenka lay between us taking his beautiful pens both of our highly excited member and slightly podrachivala them.
This riser I had not experienced for a long time. Sergei kissed her passionately, kissed and caressed his tummy, then, kissing thighs, he moved to his feet and then he had already passed his knees. I stayed for kissing Alenkina breast and shoulder. My hands frantically rushed through her body, lightly touching the thighs and squeezed unparalleled hemisphere, pinching the nipples. Alenka dpozhala all over with sweet languor .. breathing was frequent and passed in sweet moans, her nipples harden in highly excited and sticking straight up, and his eyes half-open eyes was veiled veil. Sergei knelt in front of the sofa, pulled Alenka even closer to the edge and widely spread her legs. At first she instinctively tried to connect them, but Sergei did not let the knees closed, and a young woman no longer try again.
Alenka threw freed his hands behind his head, thus giving your body and whole self under our caresses.
Dropping in to kiss her feet Palchikov, Sergei went back up and clung to the inner thighs, and continued to rise relentlessly with kisses to the coveted bud. I engaged her chest on the rights of the owner: kissing beautiful hemisphere, gently biting nipples, put together a breast and captured both the papilla in the mouth at the same time. In Alenushka ekstazno mouth fell open. It is that - whispering something, but I could not make out the words. It was clear that the woman is very good and so I have not asked again. Suddenly she grabbed my head in his hands and all arched.
- Oh, Mom - she cried and then fell over the body on the bed - my God, how good it ... Mm-hmm ... - and tightly closed her eyes.
This Sergei meanwhile, got his tongue to Alenkina petals and deep into her vagina juices expiring. Only once in her womb, he felt the pleasure she opened the thigh, letting his head to his wet shiny treasure. At the same time he began to drive his finger around her still virgin anus gently pushing it gently and trying to enter a finger in the ass wife. she could no longer hold back the moans. I have attached my languishing member to her mouth. Alenka immediately swallowed it almost completely and started to suck. Sucking it selflessly, with a loud smacking.
Licking every crease Alenkina slits, Sergei gave her an incredible feeling. A button of still waiting for their moment. And then, finally, it happened! He gently licked the bead of the clitoris. She did not pull away, did not flinch, and only spread her legs even wider, making it easier to access it. It became clear that the clitoris can be enjoyed close. Sergey liked to spend on it, barely touching, and then fast, accurate licking movements make a woman more passionately sucking dick husband and her nipples harden.
She shuddered all over, extremely arched, almost sitting on meeting our affection and for the first time came. She let out a loud guttural moan, like a howling females during mating and fell exhausted on the bed.
Sergei spread his legs a little wider and a young woman touched the entrance of her womb his rather big member. No, it was not very long, 20 centimeters, no more, but the thickness of ... at least 6cm. in diameter. Adhering to the elbows, he several times ran it on lips sex my wife up - down, smearing grease escaping across the vaginal strip, then stopped at a button and cherished Alenka stiffened, froze in anticipation of his actions. . She stopped sucking my boyfriend and I even pulled his dick out of her mouth, looking at Seregin cooking. Sergei pressed x ... m waiting for the male, live, hot vagina member slowly introduced mushroom head in pussy juices expiring wife, stopped for a moment and suddenly thrust it drove him on the most eggs.
Alenka screamed, not in pain, not with surprise, and he has become a powerful impetus, increasing speed to drive his fat, languishing in waiting womb. Her feet flew from it over the Sergei and fell on his back. He fucked her with inspiration, cool, with a throaty growl. With his mouth dripping saliva hungry beast. He fucked her and on the other it can not be named.
- Alenka, I hurt you? - I asked carefully
- "Sss ... cccc ... .ssss ..." - three times the time to draw in air.
"Ah ... ... oaaa uaaaahhh" - his wife was trying to breathe shaking with tremors
-No ... it ... t ... - she shook her head and her beautiful tresses rasplelis completely.
- Uh ... ... sho..oo ... ...
She wanted to see what is so powerful rams her pussy. She raised herself on her elbows and looked. Sergey just pulled penis from the vagina and showed it to her for a moment. "Oooy ouh ... ..." - escaped her and she fell back.
Returning your body in the mouth wife, I, squeezing the tender breasts, watched Sergei furiously almost an animal fucked my home girl. This was beautiful! He inserts his monster it to its full length. Then I take out, so that one could see it drop of grease on his head .. Then, a strong sweeping drives the blow it back. And in the stillness of the night you could hear just as his balls slap on the crotch of his wife, smacking her pussy, but it stuck to our breathing. Each push of his wife trembled all over, fed up and sit down on my x ... d so that it rested against her throat. Realizing that for a long time can not stand, I took her by the hair and began to just stick to your ... Alenka trunk. A few seconds later I was discharged in the mouth of his wife, her face pressed to his pubis. She had never swallowed sperm, but now the options were not, and all the drink got it deep in the throat. Alenka choked him, shook her head, trying to get rid of a foreign object in the mouth. I took the gun discharge. Sperm were many, very strong jet. Her neck was flooded. She swallowed convulsively, trying not to choke. Swallowing every drop, she leaned back on the pillow, swept on it, long, very thick and beautiful hair and focused on the sensations in the vagina.
"Mmm ... Aal ... chi ... Shh ... ki ki ... Ka ... ... e hedgehog ... is ... you ... ... oyyyyy aaaaaayyyyy .... mmaa ..maaaaaa .... "- lamented Alenka.
Sergey at this time even for a second did not interrupt his action and continued to hammer away mercilessly hole of a beautiful woman. He then stepped up the pace to a frenzied, then shook so slowly that it seemed he had fallen asleep and was about to stop altogether. Alenka blissfully moaning, strongly arching to meet Sergey and uttering loud groans with every jolt. Beneath it has formed a huge wet spot on the juice, violently, sometimes with the murmur emanating from the vagina. She ran as the last knot and the current flavor of the female rapidly filled the room. He stupefies us and inflamed even more.
Sergei suddenly stopped, and after a moment continued to act, but even at the introduction of each of the vagina he did rotational movement of the hips clockwise, simulating the movement of the drill. Deep into the woman he strongly pressed against the pubis to the clitoris, what drove her crazy. Alenka no longer moaning. She sobbed, responding to every man's body pressure. Her face streaming tears of pleasure. I put his hand under his wife's ass and touched a finger to the crotch and bottom of her vagina. It was revealed, as if he wanted to cry out with the mistress, "Oh-oh," to meet this powerful tool, pecking her twenty minutes without stopping to rest. Her lips then wrapped inside combination with the member Sergei, on the contrary stretched out behind him as he left, if he did not want to part with him. At the same moment, Alenka large trembled all over, and let out a loud prolonged cry. She came back ....
It was the cry of the female satisfied strong male. Alenka fingers clutched Sergei's back and strongly pressed him to her. She dug her lips to his lips and her tongue began furiously to host in his mouth dried up, quickly moistening it with his current abundant saliva. Accidentally my finger felt all guest member of hardness. He was hard as stone. Sergei groaned, but could not finish. Alenka is finished already three or four times, but did not want a man came out of it and clenching his legs on his back trying to stop him. He took out his monster-taki, despite a plea not to leave the vagina, but not for the rest, she thought with regret Alenka.
-Give Me a some sort of cream - he asked me.
- What for? - I asked
- Now uvidish- replied with a smile and kissed Sergei Alenka lips. He walked first hands over her breasts, then kissed her neck and playfully sticking nipples, kissed navel.
I handed him a tube of children's cream.
Rising from the woman, Sergey took her by the waist and turned and put her crustaceans, causing stretch your hands on the wall. After collecting a drop of grease flowing from the vagina and squeeze a large portion of the cream, it is abundantly smeared her anus.
All realized in fright Alenka wagged her ass.
No, do not you dare, do not, do not want to, I'm afraid I'll never, no ... she begged for mercy.
But Sergei did not listen. He gripped the frightened woman, still abundantly and thoroughly lubricate it will not touch me ever cave and his monster.
- Help me - he asked me - hold it, so as not struggled, and then it will be very painful, and I want to do everything carefully and that she liked.
Sergei heard the plea and the woman, seeing her genuine fear, saying: "Quiet, quiet, girl, do not be afraid. everything will be alright now. Do you really like it, you'll see. If you suffer a little bit, the whole life then you will thank me and ask for more time to take you in the ass. "
Almost wife sitting on a horse and hugging her waist, I deprived her of the possibility of escape. She cried and begged for mercy.
- Maybe you should not be? I really do not e ... l it there has never - I said.
- Do not worry, man, I'll do fine. Then and there he will not be removed, believe me - said Sergey.
Finished lubricate its rear opening, and his penis, he introduced her first one finger and began poddrachivat back of imitating the act. His wife cried out in sharp pain. "Quiet, quiet, quiet patience. You're the clever "- imperative he kept repeating.
Gradually, the hole was slightly opened and he entered to the second, and soon a third finger. Alenka has not ceased to weep and moan, moan but was quite another. He is, l ... her fingers, then entering the straight, twisting them in the ass. When the nest was like a black eye, Sergei leaned neopavshy your dick to the ass of my wife. Gently, lightly pressing down on the chocolate spot he entered her head in. Alenka shook her head and howled louder, but more out of fear than pain. Sergei was in no hurry. Alenka Having become accustomed to foreign objects into the anus and, waiting for the woman to calm down a bit, he continued the pressure and his cock slowly but surely began to fill the new hole, opening to all of us one more page of sexual pleasure. He parted her buttocks as widely as possible in order to facilitate their entry and reduce her pain. I reached for her clit furiously and his fiddling, thereby distracting his wife from the innovations. Going for another 2-3 cm, he paused again, then another 2-3 ... He did it gently, trying not to hurt standing in front of him a woman with cancer, although everything was very well lubricated, but let it not just penetration. The entrance was extremely narrow.
"YYMM ... mmm ... aah ... ayy ..." - he lowed his wife, but now no longer tried to escape. Sergei moved slightly back and Alenka sigh of relief, thinking that he comes out of it. But a moment later, he again moved his hips forward and moved deeper. Soon he was pressed to the pubis of her buttocks, and eggs laid on them the same broken-down slot.
And again on the way out, and then all the way ... Slowly, slowly ... And more and more, more ... become free ... The woman stopped crying. She seemed to be listening to yourself, your feelings and only tihonichko whines as he moves forward. And now, the first groan of pleasure flew from the lips of my female woodcocks.
- Wee ... di ... wb ... - said Sergey broken whisper - her by the NRA ... ... form ... moose ...
Judging by the sounds, which published a wife, this was indeed the case. She began to breathe more often and louder moan.
Sergey more than half took out his penis and stopped. Breathing woman calmed down. He gently stroked her back, hips, gently poshlepyval ass, caressing the underbelly and spoke kind words, but did not shake. I was playing with the nipples of his wife, kissing her neck and shoulders and patting on the head. How I was surprised when I saw that Alenushka she leaned her backwards to meet earrings. But he did not give her so simply strung to your h ... th and stopped her in the ass. She repeated the attempt, but again he did not let her.
- But why? - Languid and upset his wife asked.
- This should do the man himself - said Sergey
Alenka put her head on his chest and sheets. I straightened up, suddenly, Sergey, at this point, that there are forces vdul her his monster nasty blow to the pubis of her beautiful ass. She screamed, and after about five strokes of the men began to actively podmahivat Sergei into the rhythm, one hand caressing her clitoris and deeply nasazhivayas on his penis. Sometimes, when it became particularly pleased it with pleasure through the teeth sucked in his breath, "Sssssss" and "Aaaaaaahhhhh" - he exhaled back. The smile of bliss are now played on her face.
I lay down under the wife withdrew her hand and began to lick her clit, his hand caught her nipples. Flying eggs were another right before your eyes. I saw his monster rammed the back of my wife. He caught her grease droplets flowing from the vagina ... and saw ekstazno breathed her tummy. And it soon exploded another very powerful orgasm. From broken-down vaginal juices flowed like water from a faucet. It seemed to me that his wife has ceased to think, what to do and who.
To give it a rest, I decided to help a friend to hurry to finish and took both of his balls in her hand and rolled them. He immediately roared like a wounded animal and shot his sperm flow directly into the rear opening of my wife. It was very much part and, while he was still pumping, with members coming to disperse before the invasion of this tired hole, dripping on the sheets. When Sergei finally took out his monster, we had seen how much of gouging hollow ran white trickle.
- Well, now it is you have a real woman. Come on you, until it was closed - Sergei told me breathless and showed a nod to the disclosure of the new gate of his wife.
- No, let him rest a little. She is tired. The night is long. - I said, helping his wife to get a more comfortable bed.
Gently kissed and thanked Alenka, we went next to the devastated female sex. She also said we thank warmly kissed us both and just mash the ends of our fallen. Our hands are lazy and a little wearily slid over her breasts, slightly twisting and pinching the nipples, and stroking slowly calming the stomach, fingering the curls of pubic and excitedly hurried to touch her cunt, not forgetting to touch, as if by accident, to the delicate buttons of the clitoris, and she each time because of it shuddered convulsively.
We rested no more than fifteen minutes talking about swinging, change and diversity in sex and, of course, learning about feelings Alyonushka - if there was any pain or just unpleasant moments.
Alenka was ecstatic. She woke up a little and soon ran into the bathroom. True as that put legs clumsily. Then I also went to freshen up. When I came back, I saw my wife lying on Sergei, and he was hugging, caressing and stroking her ass back. Whose dick is already fully prepared in anticipation of the continuation of merrymaking and peeking between her legs shifted presses it to the lips of the vagina cloistered our common on this night the woman. They are about something quietly talking and kissing. I lay down next to them, and also ran a hand over the back of his wife. She leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips. Sergey freed from under the woman and went to the bathroom.
- How are you? - I asked Alenka
-As in a fairy tale - she told me - he's so cool ... And fuck your affection as always superb. All the bubbles are still nice and underbelly languishes. Ass aches ... Thank you for Sergey, for the pleasure and for the fact that you have been all this time there! You are so cool and so much fun to complement each other. And she kissed me gently caressed my cock.
He stood for a long time I have, and I was eager to visit the nests even my half. I slid down and spread his knees Alenkina. Breathing deeply steamy aroma bouquet smells of podmytuyu pussy, I kissed all his mouth to her cunt and kissed passionately. The woman answered me groan. Taking the button of the clitoris in my mouth, I sucked and playing language for a long time did not let him. Suddenly I felt a torrent of bitter and salty liquid filled my mouth. It finished Alenka. Waiting until dry up the magical creek
I lifted her hips, put on his knees, and stood behind her, one thrust drove his penis into the vagina, causing her to scream, bent and shook all over, clutching his best labia my cock. I realized that she had reached the peak of orgasm, and for a while gave her pleasure to enjoy. When it is more or less came to myself, I began to fuck her with such violent force that she could not resist and shouted.
I returned from Sergei soul. I must say that it was a ram vertically! He brought it to his face Alenka and it sucked! Gradually, his wife came to talk and actively earned over his rod, then toying with the head, then a member of the force pushing down his throat. The pace became faster, sucking sounds were heard from both sides.
Taking her by the hair, he just became much stick my wife on my end.
I ofigel from such a spectacle and earned twice as fast. Head incredibly swollen and vagina more tight, tight on my end. Eggs shriveled in the bag. And I shot. So much I still did not take ever. My wild roar broke the silence of the night. And at that time a member of the guest Alenka released from his mouth, fell face down on the bed, gripped the handle in the jaws and began to beat in orgasm saying: "Yes, more, more, escheeeeeee !!! Oh, my God, yet !!! Come on!!! Come on!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Come on !!!
The orgasm was devastating. She was lying face down on the bed, lifted high ass wanted to fall next, but I do not let her.
I invited Sergei to take my place. I hold her limp thighs with your hands until it poddrachival its end, and when Sergei put her and rhythmically earned, and began to kiss and caress her back, caught the papillae in the palm of your hand, and then kissed right in the Discard cloudy with delight the eyes and surprised that continues to happen. At this time, Sergei, too, for a long time was not enough. Five minutes later he was bringing Alenushka until the next orgasm, took the barrel when discharged from her vagina. White trickle flowed from the cave unobscured. Alenka collapsed on the sofa with a beatific smile and a tired face.
Dawns. We had to leave. Sergei went into the shower and began to dress. Alenka sat on the couch and sad. Agree on the next meeting was not necessary. And so everything was clear - it was not far off.
But this next story.

It was like a dream ...

This is my first story ... so do not judge strictly))) I will be very happy if you send feedback))) and so ....
Finally, I met with her beloved. We live in different cities, and that the meeting was unforgettable. I have for a long time did not dare to come, though madly in love with him. ... And this is the first meeting. ... How much tenderness and romance in this sentence ... but our first meeting took place at the station when he met me off the train. I'm terribly worried ... what if I do not like it or something is not it? Although he had seen me a million times in the photo and video, the excitement was still (((
As soon as the train arrived I started looking through the eyes of a loved one on the platform, the excitement even legs gave way. ... And so I came out, I was with him .... Perhaps a minute silence ... and then without a word he started kissing me ... mmm. ... It was the most tender kiss that only you can imagine. He pulled me to him, and so we were spellbound and not paying any attention to anybody. ... I woke up when there was already people on the platform. Potto was talk on the way to his home. Oboe were extremely happy ... He kept whispering to me how much happy that I still decided to come ... he loves ... and .... he could not wait for the night ....
The fact that we have long agreed that I was a virgin, and to lose it, I would like with your favorite ... although insanely scared, but he convince me of the long months of our communication, which should not be afraid. ... I still have that never It was. He did so recently that I began to be got only by his voice ... and then my love is near and I can do with it whatever I want ....
And the long-awaited night ... what I want ... and so afraid ...
I sat on the couch. He was sitting at the computer and typed something. I stared at his back for fear that either said or done ... and then he turned off the computer and turned. My heart sank.
He smiled and walked over to me, sat on the floor looking into my eyes and began to speak:
- Well, Zai what you're shaking like a leaf? You are afraid?
I waved her head in agreement. And in the meantime he started stroking my knee ...
- Well, I'm not a gray wolf))) and you're zaesh that I will not hurt you, my darling, I'm just that I could not ... I want to give you only tenderness, affection, pleasure ....
Then he reached for me again ... kisses that stopped for a few minutes today ....
I start to feel dizzy from his tenderness and affection. He begins to caress vnutrinney thigh .... Kissing a smooth transition to the neck ... I close my eyes in pleasure ... it removes a blouse and jeans, I remain in his underwear. My favorite picks me up and carries into the bedroom. Lozhet me gently on the bed and quickly undressed, remaining in Adam's costume ... I'm starting to consider it ... ... embarrassed. He continued to kiss me at the same time to say that all is well .... You prerasnta, I love you, your body .... I want you so much.
It's my turn to caress him ...
I start with a kiss on the lips a smooth transition to the neck, shoulders, chest, stomach ... and here I am almost at the goal ... the anticipation of pleasure, he throws his head ....
First, gently taking his dignity in his hands, squeeze a little bit ... I can not resist that would take this treasure in her mouth .... But I want him to torture .... I lick her lips, gently touch their head ... I hear ... a light groan. Looks like 2 weeks of abstinence from physical pleasures went in his favor)))) spend the tip of the tongue on the head, then the soft tongue spend the entire length of ... mmm ... a pleasure to please his beloved .... I take all in her mouth ... he moans ... and begin to caress it .... But half a minute passes, and he finished all carefully ... I swallowed without saying, not a drop of nectar ....
Then he turns his back on me and gets the bottom ... he pushes me legs ... .snachala lozhet hands on my little girl, feeling the warmth and desire ... pushing the sponge and holds first finger. It gives me a pleasant shiver. ... Then spends the clitoris tongue ... a little bit deeper into the part ... what bliss ... I'm starting to moan ... favorite so did everything that I just lost my head ... I can not even put into words this .... This orgasm I have not received ... but still the most important thing to come .... Taking advantage of my weakness and fatigue after orgasm he decided it was the best time that would enter into me and make a girl a girl ....
Gently kiss my face, he spent a member of my lips ... it was very nice ... ... and at one point his weapon passion slips and enters deep into .... I thought I would lose consciousness from the sweet sensations of pain ... absolutely was not. He went the full depth and froze ... Long Kiss ... .. and so began the slow movement ..., sure ... He kissed her neck, alternately caressing the clitoris ... ... .. movements become faster ... I could not hold back a moan .... From every jerk ... I shuddered. It was crazy ... I could not think about anything .... Only feelings! And the peak of pleasure .... We are finishing at the same time .... He ends up in me .... From this my orgasm to become even brighter .... Although much brighter !!!! It's an unforgettable feeling when you poured, grated .... And a long passionate kiss .... We fall into a deep sleep ......

My woman. Trenadtsataya Part. "Lolita"

Many thousands of years ago!
"They were cold. The snow under his feet, was almost to his knees. Leader of the Pack, noticed a cave.
He explained to his flock that they should take shelter from the cold there.
He explained not verbally, and mentally.
"The cave is inside people, embracing, warm each other". Approximately so it looked like a mental message.
In the eyes of the people, was questioned.
Then he showed them another picture.
"The corpses of the members of his flock, since their campaign, they lost more than forty men".
This convinced people. And they occupied the cave.
Climbing to the very depths, they embraced.
The leader and his assistant were standing near the entrance to the cave.
"People corpses, cold, diluted hands" - Please, assistant to the leader. This meant that people still die from the cold that we do.
The leader, sent a picture, hands, hand covering the face, which meant, I do not know what to do, I'm tired.
- Wow - said the assistant, pushing the leader and showing the distance.
The leader, followed his hand.
From afar, in their way, he was a tall, broad-shouldered man. He was a long white beard and robe, the color of blood.
The leader, was surprised, like an old man, and his country's clothing.
They themselves wore the skins of various animals. But this they have not seen.
And the leader, and his assistant, baton raised, standing at the ready.
The old man approached them.
The old man sent the picture, "two, shake each other's hands".
They did not understand the value of this image, then, the old man sent another.
"two people hugging", The value of this image "I am your".
People released batons, for some reason, they were inclined to believe him.
The old man raised his hand, palm up.
From his hands emerged, something not clear to them. The old man, sent a hand in the direction of the nearest tree.
Primitive people, watched fascinating the way the snow is melting around the tree.
It was a fire.
And the old man learned a lot of people. It is once a year come winter and bring people the most precious gift, the knowledge.
People are the ones with the time when the learn to read and write (but besides favorites, almost everyone will forget their mental abilities), will call himself Sumerians.
Noise - ery, Selected - Old Man. And to the descendants of the old man remembered and waited for him.
We invented a legend about an old man winter.
As a consequence, known, other nations in different ways.
But, it is most true, Grandfather Frost. Grandfather - old man, Frost - Winter."
Old Man Winter.
From the book Merofa "First days".
I unfolded the map and looking for the end point of our goal.
- I hope we have time - I said
- We'll make it - confidently, Lo said.
I looked at my beautiful companion.
Tall, dark-haired, green-eyed, slim figure.
Thin, but graceful lips, big eyes. .
However, three days without sex, I think I want it.
- Do not even think - she said.
Oh, I forgot to lock my thoughts.
Lolita, a girl from "Fire Temple". Sibyl, who is able to read thoughts.
I quickly, hid his thoughts.
- Blocked? - Lolita smile.
I still do not know how to read minds, but I can guess.
We have a good jolt.
I hit the driver's cabin.
- Denis, be careful on the turns.
In response, I heard a grunt.
Denis, a soldier of our brethren. Next to him, sitting in the cockpit, another girl from "Fire Temple"But rank lower than Lolita.
We were with her in the back.
Here, there are two beds on either side, a fridge, a small TV.
Lolita, was sitting next to me. And when I knocked, referring to the driver, she obviously saw the photo, standing on the splash screen of my phone.
- Beautiful girl looks like Anna, but she did not.
I looked at the photo.
- Yes, this is not Anna.
- I know it "native", Which you mentioned in your diary.
I am not particularly surprised looked at Lolita.
- Look, is not surprised - she said - We have in the temple, there is access to the Internet.
Here, I was surprised.
- What are you eyes bulged - read my facial expression, not ideas Lolita - All our girls' squad, reading your diary. You have in the church, a walking legend.
- Really? - I asked, suppressing a smile.
- Some girls, print your photos and keep close to heart.
- I thought. You have in the church about this strictly.
- Hmm - said Lolita - you can be the custodians and we are worse.
I put a hand on her shoulder.
- What you then behave like impatiens, red girl.
It is distracting me, spread the picture.
- They have one root principle.
I initially did not catch up, of whom she is. But then it dawned on me.
- If so - I said - It means that. .
- This means - interrupted me Lolita - What is this girl, a strong magician and healer. Strong, equally. How Anna.
I looked at the photo. In principle, I have long been aware of the pedigree "Native". Now, it was just a confirmation.
I went to the phone menu, the gallery and showed her a picture of Alexis. Just his drawings.
- Well, this is also not easy. His family, originates from "Gentile".
I remembered a story that he studied with mentor Raun.
Prince Vladimir. Which, on the instructions of higher authorities, was to introduce people to Christianity.
When he came to the Slavs. He went straight to the Gentiles magicians. When he came to their house. He saw three beings. Recalls how dragons and lizards.
It is, without fear, went up to him and held out his hand with an open palm.
This meant "offer friendship".
Three creatures covered with haze. And before him, three men were standing. With blond hair and blue eyes.
One of them came up and took friendship.
They left their strength, but with the condition that they will serve the truth and the faith of New Russia.
- Plus, they both "Indie".
That, for me was news.
It was time, get behind the wheel. For the road, we rode in silence. When it got dark, we swapped.
I, with Lolita. Again, we were in the back.
We are not talking, and immediately went to sleep.
We had to, to sleep.
Sleep, I could hardly. Hormones tortured.
And when I almost fell asleep.
To my body pressed against something warm.
Hand Lolita, went under my shirt. She stroked my chest.
Kissing on the neck.
I turned to her.
- You broke three days. .
I did not finish. So, as her lips collided with mine.
I kissed it, so passionately that I had an idea that she was not a man for a long time.
She straddled me. On it, except for the medallion, there was nothing.
Quickly releasing the outside, my boyfriend. She slowly sat down on it.
I stroked her beautiful, tiny breasts with protruding nipples forward. I love these breasts.
Then he took her by the buttocks and sit down its force in its count.
She groaned, biting at your lips.
I turned her over and was on top.
Putting her legs on his shoulders. I held her buttocks and was part of it to the ground. Fortunately, the mouth, have not been not narrow. And, it is now used screaming in pain.
Lolita, moaning with closed eyes. From time to time, biting his hand.
I fully lay down on her, releasing her legs. And move in a circular basin.
Lolita, trembled. I'm switching to orgasm. I trembled with it.
During the ecstasy, she whispered in my ear: "The girls die of envy".
We have lain down as ten minutes. Then I asked:
- Lolita, and Inanna read my diary?
- Yes - she replied
- Perhaps I offended when she read about yourself?
- Initially, yes, but then we have to explain to her why. Like, she calmed down. You even glance toward her. In the temple, will be happy to see you.
We talked a little bit more and slept.
He woke us up, knock on the door.
- Come, we have in place.
We quickly got dressed and went out.
Denis, standing with his gun.
- Get - I said - In addition, against whom we go, your toy will not be affected. You're here to ... order to ritary we did not stop.
He removed his weapon and we moved.
We were at the old cemetery.
Once upon a time, there was a battle. Many people died. People bypassed this place party. And, over time, this place was turned into a cemetery.
I hung up. I looked at the time on his wristwatch. And click on the red button that is on the side.
The edges of the clock, lit up in red.
And the closer we came to the right place. The brighter the light.
We stopped where necessary.
Lolita, sat down and put her hand on the ground.
- The arrival will be here.
I looked around and saw the Christmas tree.
Said eye Lolita. She nodded, agreeing with me.
When we came to eating.
I Lolita, took up their medallions and pronounced words.
Now, we have been disabled, of the total flow.
Egregor, tells another, our last location, by any chance us that something will happen.
A, during "hunting". We should be disabled. Otherwise, it may suffer other keepers himself Egregor.
- Now, get up close to the tree - I said.
Two girls and soldiers did as I said.
I drew around them, a sign of the window.
No evil spirit will not pass through this sign.
- I'm not going to sit here like a coward - Denis said.
Lolita, put a hand on his shoulder. He slowly closed his eyes, sank to the ground.
Then she weaved hands with Oksana.
- We are ready.
I walked away from them, and drew the other two characters.
I saw them, but I have now seen.
I waited. It is a pity that there is a number, the other ate.
You ever wondered why decorate a Christmas tree?
And why is the tree?
Because it, spruce repels evil spirits.
Like a cactus. Ritary, distorted this custom and the people began to replace the live Christmas tree in the plastic.
I looked at my watch. It was four o'clock in the morning.
Soon start. And to validate my thoughts. The land around the corner from me cracked.
I quickly drew the sign-cage around the crack.
The most important thing in time. Now it remains the most difficult.
The crack has increased and from it went black smoke.
Smoke povisel air. Then, obviously, before being realized that it is trapped.
Black smoke began to gray.
I began to get angry bitch.
When he saw me, the smoke has become a yellowish color.
"Who are you?" - There was a picture in my head.
The same question I asked him.
"I Cleaner" - Answer it
"And who gave you the right to be cleaned?" - I asked a question.
Instead of answering, the smoke became gray again.
I understand who I am and angry.
I opened the book and began to read the spell.
Smoke gradually began to evaporate. And while it has not disappeared completely. I handed the picture.
"We know why you're here, give her that old man returned".
Smoke has evaporated completely.
I, of course, could not be able to understand and respond to it. It Lolita, joined me.
I erased the marks, hide me, and went to his.
Ster their mark too.
- I did not think it would be so easy - I said.
- This is because, that you know the signs and spells. Plus, it's just Cleaner.
We woke up the sleeping Denis and headed back to the car.
I turned on the mobile. Immediately came the call. It was his father.
I briefly told how it went. He congratulated me and said that there is bad news.
Keeper Abdul died.
- Look in the news - the father said.
Denis, got behind the wheel. I sat down beside him. Girls were sent to the body.
- Turn on the telly - I said
Denis, including a small monitor at radio.
I Found ORT. In the news it said about the bus that fell off a cliff in Egypt.
Abdullah was of the order of Egypt keepers.
- Maybe by accident? - Dennis asked.
I turned off the news and said:
- You have forgotten that a coincidence?
Next, we drove in silence. An hour later, we entered the city. People scurried back and forth.
Oh, you would know how life is unusual.
Interestingly, you would say thank you to learn that for the life of each from the first day, fighting the three forces.
In turn, we stopped. By passing oncoming vehicles. Next, stop "ford". In the back seat sat a girl about eight years old.
She waved to me. I waved back.
Then she blew on the glass and began to write something.
She wrote from right to left.
the Word was "Thank you".
We set off, and "ford" I turned the other way.
Remember, Lo said: "They Indy".
Indy, from the word indigo.
Scientists are still scratching their heads. Why evolution has reached an impasse.
And the first child of indigo, was for them a welcome gift.
But they came so close behind him that attracted the attention of the dark outer sil.I to save, the next born indigo children, hiding their abilities. Putting ordinary people.
Most of them are already in the casings mother blocked their knowledge.
And children are born normal. But always feel that it is not so simple in life. They are, more and more attracted to the mysterious. And they are confident that there is something else that they have forgotten.
I am sure that even among our readers there are.
I appeal to you.
The reason for the invasion of external forces is YOU! People Indigo.
I'm a simple man with a secret knowledge.
And, indigo, originally born with supernatural abilities.
Girl, she wrote me a thank you was one of the Indigo.
The cleaners came to clean, clean all of the Indigo.
But, we will be on their way.
And, if we do not succeed. It will be a sign!
After that, each Indigo wake.
But we can.
We must!

Captured little family

Bruner family was returning home from vacation. They are all very tired. Rock Bruner was happy with what went with his family in the long-promised trip that was not possible until last year. They traveled for two weeks and were sent home from California, from which they are separated by only a few hundred miles. His wife Linda was sleeping in the front seat, and two children, 17-year-old Mark and 16-year-old Becky sat back and enjoyed the surroundings.
Suddenly, the storm broke. Rock fought in order to keep the car on the road, the sky darkened and a solid wall of rain came. Thunder, and the lightning flashed, the whole family was terrified.
- Rock, we have to find a place to wait out this terrible storm. We can not continue to move, not even seen the road. - He said Linda voice trembling with fear.
- You're right, Linda. But there is not a town for a few miles, and I do not see a house or any shelter. There is no place where we could stay.
- Look, Dad! - Becky exclaimed. - There. There's a big house. - Lightning lit up the dark sky and a house near the road. - We can stop there and wait.
- Please, Rock. - Linda looked at the pleading eyes of her husband.
- Let there. We certainly will be safe, there are good men.
- Good. - Said Rock. - We will stop. You are right, there will be a lot safer.
The family got out of the car and rushed to the porch, where it was dry. Look Rock stopped for a moment on adhering to the body of his daughter shirt.
"Damn. Such as breast and her mother in this age"- He thought.
Hardly look away, he reached for the bell. There was no answer. He pulled open the door, and it opened easily.
- There is open. - He said. - Let's go and wait out the damn weather.
Becky found on the desk found an oil lamp.
- Father. Light it.
Rock did. The room was huge and looked spartan. Of furniture there was only bed and something else which utensils.
Family sat on the sofa and began to dry off. There was a noise, and Rock, look around, got hit on the head when he saw three bearded men entered the room.
- What are you doing here at this hour? - Asked the eldest of them.
One of them came up to the rock and put a gun to his head.
Grinning, the other two came to his wife Linda and Rock began to paw her breasts in front of the children.
- Do not move. - Said the man holding a gun to his temple Rock. - You're going to sit and watch the fun with your wife, or I'll blow your head off. Better to just sit and watch.
One of the men tore the blouse Linda opened her big meaty breasts. It was really big breasts, even gigantic, elastic with a little upturned nipples. Right on loads in children, one of the men took one in his hand, squeezed and pulled the nipple with a sadistic grin on his face. Linda gasped in pain.
- Stay! - Yelled 16-year-old Becky. - Leave my mother alone.
- I can not deal with this beauty. - Said one of the men, paw Linda when his eyes fell on Becky.
- Oh no. You are welcome. - Said Linda voice asking. - Do not touch her.
The men looked at each other, grinning.
- That's what I say. - Said a senior. - If you will be kind to us, maybe we will not cause damage to your husband and the little daughter to iznasiluem
- I realized. - Linda said hesitantly.
- Linda ... - Began Rock
- Rock is the only way out. - Linda turned to the children. - Kids, your mom will do anything.
- Shut up, bitch. - Shouted one of the men. - Do not say anything until you are asked. Now get to work.
Linda breathed heavily. She knew that these people want, and began to unbutton their jeans locks. By doing this, she sighed and sent arms to their members. There she was in for a surprise. They were very large. When she took first one, then the second, then I did not know what to do. Even in a relaxed state they are long and thick as a wrist Rock.
- Oh my God. - She said, and all three men laughed.
- We, brothers, all the big cocks. - Said one of them. - I would argue that they are the biggest in the world. And now to work on my brothers, until I tell you to take them out of your little mouth.
- Good. - Said Linda hesitated.
She took the two at the bottom, pulled them, feeling the weight of these large chunks of flesh. Two bulging veins in her arms twitching with every movement to the beat of the heart. Linda turned to the man standing on the left and sent his cock into her mouth.
- Oh my God. Mama. - Linda heard her daughter's voice, full of disgust, when her own lips wrapped around a huge chunk of flesh.
She was terribly humiliated by doing it in full view of her husband and children, but knew it was the only way to escape death and cater to these men. She knew she had to do everything in its power. And she sucked him, really suck this huge cock, swallowing it in the throat, as did her husband. She moved her head pressed up until her lips did not reach the stomach, and did not feel the smell of his pubic hair. Her tongue slid over the eggs, then slowly, slowly dick out of her.
- Oh my God. - Said the man Rock. - Your wife is so beautiful it makes so much fun sucking a big dick.
- Ooh - Linda moaned, her head looked up from the protruding member.
Not a word, Linda turned and swallowed the second member of the tormentor, making it carefully. Her lips were wet, obscene sounds coming from her mouth, heard by others. The men laughed, while Linda worked on them, stroking their huge cocks.
- I think your wife is like. She likes to suck two huge members immediately.
Rock looked at his beautiful wife. Her head went from one member to another, her lips slid one barrel, then the second, gently clasping them. He saw her throat swells up taking a huge chunk of male flesh.
- Linda. - His voice was full of pain and sorrow.
Little Becky was surprised eyes looked at his mother, caressing these huge spikes. She saw the big thick members disappear completely in her throat, his incredibly expanding. She was too young to understand why her mother is so easy to agree to do such terrible things. She knew only that her mother had allowed this man to stuff in her mouth their toys and caressed them.
Her older brother was no less frightened her, but could not bear to look at the big breasts of his mother. He had never, except for journals not seen such big boobs in ... While the two men groped them, squeezed and delayed nipples. Mark realized that before him a slut with big tits. No, he does not think so. It's his mother. But at this moment he could do nothing. His cock rose in his pants, and he nearly died of shame when it said one of the brothers.
- Look. - He said. - The boy is already excited by what he sees as his mother does blowjob. No. I am wrong. He likes to look at the big tits of his mother. Why not show him a little more.
Linda stopped.
- Now the man said.
Linda nodded. Her face turned red with shame. She stood up, put her hands under her skirt, took her panties and pulled them down, pulling up his knees, leaned forward and lowered her down to the ankles. Discarding them, she spreads her legs to the side, presenting his treasure on display 3 men and two children.
- Look at this. It is completely shaved. - Said one of the men.
It was so. She always left her crotch shaved because Roku liked to lick her. Now it made it even more like a whore in the eyes looking at her people. Her face flushed even more when one of the men dropped his hands on her breasts, in the second launched a finger into her vagina.
- Look at the mother's pussy boy. She knows why she's so neat. It's because she loves to show it off. Yes, she loves to show it off everywhere, Mrs. true?
Linda continued to suck a member of one of the men. At that moment, out of her mouth with the typical sucking sound seemed crimson head, and she turned to her children. She knew what was expected of her reply, and decided to play it on the proposed rules.
- Yes, - she said confidently, so that the children believe it. - I like to show my pussy.
- Where a whore. Tell me, where do you most like to do it?
Brain Linda worked with terrible speed. She had to think of something, anything, that would love to hear from her.
- I am a teacher. - Linda said. And it was true, she taught 10 classics in the local school. - I'm never wearing pants when going to class. I love to sit in the middle of the room with divorced feet, so that all the boys can see my pussy.
Mark, listening to his mother was shocked. He looked at her, sitting with undisguised pubis, while the two men groped her breast milk. She was not scared and know what to do. God, she was so beautiful, like all the girls in its lustful dreams. She introduced her in the classroom, sitting with legs wide apart, podnimayuschty skirt to show off their most intimate places, and his dick got even harder.
- Yes. You was delightful at this time. That's all you do then?
Linda looked at the man. Oh, Becky, Mark. Excuse me.
- No. - She said, pulling his dick out of his mouth. - Sometimes I leave a lot after school. I liked to sit on her knees and suck their members, everything. Suck them members of one another. And, sometimes, I allowed them to lick my pussy.
- A. If she was so like it when her licking the boys, why this kid does not it? - Said one of the brothers, Mark looked at seventeen.
- Yes, make him do it. - Picked up another.
Exploring the vagina pulled his fingers.
- Yes, that's a good idea. Hey, boy, come over here and lick my mother. Mark did not move. Then one of the men brought him to his mother and knelt between her thighs divorced. - Come on, lick my mom.
- No. - Said Mark frightened.
At that time, one of the brothers engaged in a breast Linda, the second took her head by the hair and turned to Mark, said:
Make him do it. Make, or your husband's head smashed to pieces.
Linda knew he was not joking. If he said that he would kill, then so be it.
- Show us all what you slut. - Said a man with a gun.
Linda knew what it meant. They wanted to humiliate her, to get to play the whore in the sight of the whole family. Good. This is the only chance to stay alive, and she would do it. Linda decided it would be a whore for these people thinking about what will happen when they will be safe. She looked at his tormentors.
- Lick me. - Linda said, pulling the boy's head to his crotch. - Lick it. Lick my beauty
Realizing in what position they were, Mark started to do what he was asked.
- Oooo. - Linda grunted when his son tongue passed across the crotch and affecting the clitoris, deepened in her pussy. "How well"- Linda thought. "How well he does it. Surely, he did it before".
While Mark mother caressed the vagina, a man with a gun and the other reversed. He went to Linda. He removes his penis and said:
- The time has come, and the third member to visit your tender mouth.
Linda opened her mouth and, without stopping, sent to a member of the third brother. The second brother went to her left, and Linda's head again began to move up and down. Only this time it was her son, Mark, caressing her vagina as an experienced lover between her legs. "How well"- She thought. "Oh my God. Mark, stop caressing my clitoris"- She thought.
- Oooo ... - broke away from her, and thick cock slipped out of her mouth. She blushed when the man laughed.
At that time, Mark, pulled her tongue out of her pussy and began to lick the juices flowing from there. Then his hands were pulled up her body, wrapped around his chest and squeezed hard swollen nipples. Part of him told him that he had gone too far. Another part was excited, admiring her magnificent breasts, arousing her wet, hot treasure.
"Oh, Mark. What are you doing"- Linda thought. She tried to fight a growing sense, but could not. She bent her legs, pulling them towards the shoulders, even more revealing him my vagina. Burning with shame, Linda looked at her son.
- Ooh ... - she cried, when cramps began between her legs, and began to throw her vagina juice portions directly to the face and tongue Brand.
She heard laughter brothers, and it has strengthened its pleasure. They saw her son, licking her vagina. She thought about this, and shudder passed through her body. Linda stood on his feet, raising his ass from the floor, and began to rub his crotch juice flowing on his son's face. When it was over, one of the men pushed the brand. Linda saw traces of their juices on his face and lips. Men stood and jerked off his limbs.
- He takes out his cock - ordered the boy to one of them.
Another grabbed Linda by the hair, pulling the chair, completely separated and pushed to his knees in front of the boy.
- Do not worry about his mother, the boy ... - Said the man. - We will not do anything to her, what would she did not want. You heard her talking about sucking school members. This is a real slut. You want to make it and sucked your cock?
...Coming in Linde, he picked up her full breasts. They were so large that it is not placed in its even larger hands. He squeezed them painfully, and her nipples, hard and extremely swollen looked straight up.
- Look at these huge boobs, boy. I know that you like them. Touch them.
Mark sighed and hesitantly touched the breast of his mother.
- Yes, boy. Having passed the melon. - The man showed him how to do it and viciously smiled when he saw the excitement and his eyes. - Suck it, suck tits this whore.
Mark leaned over and took one nipple in his mouth. He began to suck and nibble on it, thinking about students who may have been doing well.
Linda moaned helplessly, teen breathing quickened. She liked it. A minute later, he got up and began to unzip his pants.
- Yes. You're right. It should caress your cock, then you fuck her.
Mark pulled out his dick and leaned forward.
- Oh, Mark. No. - Behind came a strangled whisper father.
- Suck my dick, - said Mark and sent his penis in the mother's mouth.
- Ooh. - Linda cried, and Mark started fucking her in the mouth.
It was disgusting, even obscene. Linda did not know what drives her son. But she had no choice, and she sucked, sucking dick of her son since, as it did with the three men a little earlier.
- As a member of his taste, Mrs. He is good?
- Rotate it. The boy has to fuck his mother.
Little Becky sat on the couch and watching the scene, his eyes wide open. The man turned his mother, leaving her legs divorced. Becky was only 16 years old, and no man has not touched her. For her, it was just a scene out of a nightmare. She heard one of the men said to her brother: "Go Fuck this whore".
Becky did not see eye brother when he stood between the mother hips. He picked up his penis and sent it inside Linda bent down, and he gradually slipped into a well-oiled, hot channel.
- Ltd. - Linda moaned, felt his penis.
Mark did not do it ever, but it was much better than he expected. Men again reversed. With a gun was another, while his brothers stood in the face of Linda, thrusting their cocks deep into her throat, while the son was fucking her.
Rock stood by his helplessness, he could not stop the men who raped his wife, but he had to look at his son fucks her, moving the member again and again, to hear the groans of shame and Linda fun sucking cock brothers and feel a member of a son deep in themselves.
- Ahh - Linda cried, dropping from his lips a member. - Fuck, fuck me, baby. - After some time, her vagina just exploded. - Uuuuaaaauuuu - she cried, frantically moving under the son. Her vagina twitched convulsively, squeezing the child's penis.
- Stop me, my boy, stop. Vyplesni everything in my hot pussy.
However, the man wanted it to be over anyway. One they grabbed the boy by the arm and literally tore him from the vagina.
- Cum in her mouth. - He said, and pushed forward. - You know how she likes it. Her mouth is full of your sperm. Come on, come on.
The boy looked at the man and nodded. He went to his mother and put his penis in her mouth. Vagina Linda still convulsed in a fit of orgasm, when the boy tipped it and put a member. She wanted to suck it, wanted him to cum. Rock and Becky is now meant nothing to her, she had to keep safe their. This went on for an eternity, she wanted to. her son filled her with warm, sticky liquid over her mouth and throat. She knew it was bad, it was incest, but his son was forced, forced to do so. She knew that Mark along with it enjoy it. She looked up into the eyes of the boy, while her coarse dense ring slipped on his penis.
Rock and Becky watched as Linda grabbed the boy's ass, pulling him into her, plunging his cock fully in her throat as her lips buried in his stomach, while his sperm erupted somewhere deep.
- Ooooh - Mark cried, and sticky when warm liquid flowed in the mother's mouth. He gave a portion of a portion of sperm, which was only capable of the young organism. Long, thick stream flowed.
- Ooh - Linda heard a gurgling sound. She swallowed the sperm, some of which flowed through the corners of her mouth.
Roku was painful to see his son fucks mother in the mouth. And he saw Linda happy to swallow it liquid again and again.
Mark took out his dick start to fall off and walked away.
- The three of you, fuck me. - Said Linda, lying on the floor with your feet wide apart, while her hand masturbator vagina, while the other is strongly squeezed his chest.
- You fuck me? - Sperm of her son running down her chin.
- No, I do not think - said the man who held the gun. - There are some people and younger.
After his words, the two turned to Becky.
- Wait. - Becky said, unsuccessfully struggling with approaching to the people there.
Linda tried to get up, but the man with the gun stopped her, telling lie on the floor with her son.
- Lie down in 69th position, dear. - Pick it up member may be he will still have sex.
Linda sat on his haunches in the face of his son, took his penis in her mouth, arousing him and watching men fighting with her daughter.
- God, she was so small. - Said one of them.
- I am 16 years old. - Becky said, but they just laughed.
- Her boobs are the same as that of the mother. - Said the man, lifting up her shirt, from under which showed excellent elastic, even small children's breasts.
Becky started to cry when she turned and made to kneel on the couch. Her body went too, and her beautiful little ass steamed in the air. One held her arms while the other buttons in its unbuckled pants. Then, with both hands, he grabbed her pants and panties pulled along with them to the knees, buttocks beautiful maiden appeared from the views. Not a word, he lowered his fat 17-inch cock between the halves of her backside to the hole and gently pressed.
- Hold it stronger. I'll try to get her point.
- Oh, my God hissed Rock. They were going to sodomize her. This great man was going to sodomize her little daughter. - Please do not touch it.
Linda began to cry, go suck dick son. Becky looked back, and a cry burst from her lips.
- Father. - She cried. At this point, the head of a large member beginning to penetrate her virgin narrow anus.
- AAAA. - Screamed the little girl, her face twisted in pain ... incredible.
The man hesitated for some time before this little nice ass schoolgirl. His cock looked like a giant baseball bat in front of this child, narrow, wrinkled ringlet, barely noticeable. It is even harder pressed club, tearing small sphincter, barely half penetrated inside the girl. He turned his head to the Rock, and he laughed, pulling her hips and looking straight into his eyes, while his penis came out of the hole. Becky's eyes were wide open, his lips enough air, it was very painful. The man did not hesitate to immediately drove his cock into her quivering ass for the most eggs.
- Aaaaaa. - Becky screamed when half, and maybe more members began ramming her insides. - I hurt so much, everything burns in me. I feel bad.
- Repeat, Buck. - I told to keep it.
Buck pulled his penis out of the narrow hole, picked up her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Hot holes and winces continually clenched and unclenched.
- Look at it. We will fuck is a small, narrow point.
Again he plunged his cock until the very end in the ass girls and began to shake her ass, pulling and planting his cock almost to the end. Meanwhile, his brother picked up his penis and held it to his face, Becky, trying to push into her mouth.
- Suck it, little bitch. Suck it, as did your mother.
Becky screaming in pain, tearing her insides, asked to stop. She began to lick and suck cock dangling in front of her face, because it was the only way to escape from this suffering.
- Lord, I can not push it into his mouth. - Said the man. - But I want to see those cheeks swollen from the member has penetrated for them.
- I have an idea. Let it do its father, he certainly smaller economy. - I suggested another.
Everyone agreed, and the Rock was forced to submit. He took off his pants, pulled out his penis. At this time, the two brothers continued to rape his daughter.
- Next to his little slut said fucking ass girls.
- Suck him, baby.
The man with the gun took Roca behind her ear and bent. He did not move. He could not do anything, he looked like a man raped a huge cock in the ass of his young daughter as much as he could. He also was ordered to paste it into the mouth member.
- Father. - Becky said as her fingers wrapped around his penis and sent it into a wide-open mouth.
- How nice. - Said one of violence. - Suck a member of his father, while I fuck your little point.
Linda felt that Mark turned his head between her legs to see how his sister raped. She felt his penis increases in size while the man introduces his penis again and again in the anus girls. "Oh my God. He likes it"- Linda thought. A moment later, she felt a finger son, caressing her own anus confused penetrate.
- No, Mark. No. - She said, and immediately regretted it.
The man raped Becky turned her strontium and laughed.
- The youth want to fuck mom in the ass. Not bad idea.
Another came up and grabbed Linda by the hair.
- Turn around, bitch.
She had no choice but to obey. She lay down on his stomach on the floor. Mark did not need another invitation. He stood behind his mother and sent his cock into her anus. He did not do it gently and carefully, and dramatically, as did the man raped his sister.
- Aaa - Linda screamed when Mark began to fuck her in the anus. At this time, Becky continued to fondle a member of his father, and the man stretched otvestvie her anus.
- It's time to change, - said the man, who helped Mark.
- Oh, my God, - Becky screamed when she felt that her anus with great difficulty and pain of another member went to her. - Father, help me. - She said, breathless with pain.
Slowly stretched minutes. A man standing with a gun is also set to Becky. The girl was humiliated, moaning in pain in the anus, crying and sucking dick of his father. Linda calmed down a bit. Rock was disgusted when after a few minutes looking at the way it meanders like a snake throws her ass in the air in time with the movements of her son so that he could enter more deeply into it.
- Well, as a boy? - I asked one of the men.
- It is narrow, - said Mark through his teeth.
Rock heard the moans of his wife, when she knelt down, grabbed the hands of Marcus and dropped them on his huge chest.
- Remember them a little while fucking me. - Rock was surprised by her words. - Hurt me, boy. Harder, harder. - Mark started fucking mother with a wild fury. Then Linda said words that Rock could never forget.
- We can fuck me here whenever you this zahochetsyas this point. You need only say the word and I immediately stoop down. I'll do it with your friends too. Do you like it, my boy? Would you like me to do it with your friends?
Three brothers choked with laughter. It took 10 minutes and 20 to take me again and again, each has already made 5 or 6 visits to a narrow anus girls. Rock said that the girl gradually began podmahivat back to their abusers and moan. But it was not a groan of pain and moans of pleasure. At the same time her lips moved frantically over his cock, it was impossible not to notice. Rock felt his cock getting harder and harder in the small mouth girl.
- How I feel good now - Becky said. - I want you, too, was good.
She began greedily sucking dick of his father, while the men around her laughed loudly. Mark all the while watching her sister. Word sisters made their case, and she began to finish right in the ass mother. Linda gasped with delight and squeezed halves of his backside as hard as she could.
- Oh my God. Yes, I squeeze them. - Mark said, like a jackhammer borer her anus.
The man raped Becky, took out his penis and sat down with Mark on the floor.
- Rest a bit. - He said to Mark. - Let her mouth lick your cock.
When Mark took out his penis from the anus mother, Becky turned toward his brother, her mouth was open in anticipation.
- I've always dreamed about this. - Mark said, when his dirty dick slipped into the mouth sister. He took both breasts sister's hand and squeezed it, giving it free rein. Becky moaned with pleasure and discomfort, licking dick brother covered with sperm and mother's contents back passage. To my great surprise and delight of the brothers, Mark's idea. He pulled Becky's hair to the rump, which had just fucked, expiring sperm.
- Lick it. - He said, shoving Becky between large backside cheeks mother. - Brushed her anus his tongue.
Little Becky obeyed, ... with a characteristic sound licking dirty ass mother, using language to get deep inside.
Chuckling, Mark was standing nearby, she kneaded her breasts and looked at her very much enhanced hole
- Oh, Becky. I want to fuck you in your little ass. - He said, and his protruding member began to make its expensive sister inside.
- Ltd. - Becky said, tearing the face covered with feces from the backside mother. She had no choice, she was so excited. - Fuck me, Mark. Fuck my ass to the end. Ahh ..
Men standing around, cheering him and laughed when his egg plopped on her ass. Very quickly nearing the first in the life of Becky orgasm.
- Oh, Mark. Do not stop, please.
Little sister brand no longer control himself in the flow of orgasm, while he literally skewer her ass on his cock.
But she was not allowed to stop. One man walked up, he pushed Mark and forcefully drove his huge dick in her anus.
- Ahh - Becky screamed even louder when her anus was again packed full of meat.
- Ooooh, - said the man, releasing a flow of sperm directly into the anus girls. He turned his head to the Rock.
- My turn said the second brother. - He stood behind Becky and put his penis in her anus. Almost immediately, Becky began to help him, and began to shake her next orgasm.
- Your little girl like a sex - he said Rock.
At that time, his brother offered her his dirty dick and she started with great zeal to suck and lick it. Barely a minute later, the man threw in the gut Becky large portion of sperm.
- Oh, this hole became so moist and full, - he said, taking out a member of the anus Becky.
There was a third place. He also, like the previous hard and fast fucked a few minutes, and then filled it inside your cream for the third time. When he finished, they dropped back Becky in the face of her mother, ordering her to lick all the juices dripping from the anus daughter. The little girl sat on mother's face, leaning on his hands. Every time her tongue touched the burning ring, she shuddered. She felt a large amount of sperm is still flowing from her sperm three men. Relax muscles, she sank into the language, spreading apart her ass cheeks. Sperm flowed from her, slowly at first, and then a small brook right in front of her open mouth.
- Ooh aa - Becky cried, shaking with searing orgasm.
The men were not satisfied with the contemplation of the two women, mother and daughter, are in position 69, of the vagina caressing each other. Moreover, his mother was from the bottom, in the top there was a girl teenager with wide open anus. The man with the gun turned in Rock.
- Fuck her in the ass. - He said. - Look at this hole, so that is waiting for you.
Rock knelt in front of Becky, a member was in his hand. He had no way out. She put the head of the penis opposite the entrance and pushed. Member easily entered in a well-designed hole. Becky looked up. Her face was covered with juice mother and looked at her father.
- Do not worry, Father. Now I like it.
Rock closed his eyes and began to move slowly at first a member, then at faster and faster, as demanded by the brothers. Soon, I fucked her as hard as he could. Becky moaned and tosses his head, enjoying the scene.
- Oh, father! I feel so good. I will make sure that all the boys at school, and then all the teachers will be so fun to me. Everyone will do it.
Listening to her babble girls Rock felt like even more swelled his penis in the anus daughter as enjoyment rises. He bent her head to crotch mother grabbed her child has chest and squeezed them, fucking her ass like an angry wolf.
- You'll do it, Becky. I will ask all the boys at school to put their members in your little ass.
- Yes, father. I swear.
- You little whore, Becky. Slut, in the narrow, wet, dirty ass. - Said a member of the Rock and it threw out the first jet of sperm in the anus Becky. He quickly pulled his dick out of her anus and sent her eagerly directly open into the mouth.
- I have some of my sperm, baby. You drink all the sperm in boys in school.
Becky moaned and swallowed the sperm of the father. When it was over, the three men got dressed and went out, slamming the door. Members of the family for a while looking at each other, then dressed and went to the car.
They walked a mile or more, getting to her, the trees surrounded by a dense ring road. Rock and Linda walked behind the children. Eye Rock looked at the spot formed on the shorts Becky sperm flowed out of her anus. He looked to his right, Linda, too, looked at it with a kind of lust in his eyes.
- Do you think the same thing as me? - She asked.
- Maybe. - Said Rock took Becky's hand and pulled him into the woods.
- Fun. - Said Linda submitting your hand son. - Your mommy wants to be fucked in the ass ...

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